G.I. Joe Retaliation (Ultimate) Wave 3.5

Finally this much anticipated wave of Joes is  hitting Ebay and other online toy stores everywhere,available for purchase!I’m not sure when they will be hitting store shelves so i opted to snag one up online and wait until the others arrive locally.I’m a little bummed about the Snake Eyes figure as i’ve seen in-hand reviews of him sporting the Retaliation Ninja Duel head sculpt instead of a more cartoon accurate version.As much as i love SE I might pass on this figure.Lovin’ the other figures,though.

3.5 Wave

I’m good at two things,swatting and snackin’ on gummy worms,and i’m all out of gummy worms!

As many of you already know,my action figures and i have recently sought refuge in the basement of our new home.Basements tend to go hand in hand with big ass spiders,so much like Hobby over at Monster Cafe,i have to be on the lookout for would be intruders,only mine are of the eight legged variety and aren’t  Mexican.So to all you creepy crawling,multiple leg having,rapidly reproducing  spawns of satan-“Say hello to my little friend!”


MOTU Classics-Icarius

Icarius was also known as Flipshot in the New Adventures of He-Man.I can’t front,i just found that out a couple of days ago.I was aware of the old cartoon,just not a huge fan of it.Everytime i look at this figure on display,it reminds me of Turbo Man from the Schwarzenegger Christmas film.Not a knock at all as this is one of the coolest figures i own!It’s figures like this that make collectors want to hunt down more of these MOTU Classics gems.I used to see these online alot and say to myself that i’d never own any,because of the fact that they were so pricey and only accessible through a subscription.Props to Big Lots and MATTEL for making them available to the general public and at a great low price.Even if i’m not able to pick up any other figures from the line,i’m happy to own the few that i have now.












MOTU Classics-Prince Adam

I’m not hooked,but impressed.I will definitely add a couple more of these to the old collection if i get the chance,but won’t go nuts coveting them.I will say that they are a hell of a lot more poseable than i originally thought.I’ve seen tons of pics of these Classics figures  on other blogs,but never really in any cool poses.Most were in a stiff upright position which led me to think that the legs had limited movement.I really didn’t go nuts posing Prince Adam,but i was able to put him in some pretty cool stances.Quick question to all of the MOTU experts out there-Is there any particular reason why Adams clothing has the same color scheme as Orko’s?






Masters “Classics” – Big Lots

Call me cheap,but when i first laid eyes on  this Orko “Classics” figure at my local Big Lots i said to myself “self,10 bucks is too much for an Orko figure.” I mean i wouldn’t shell out 10 for an original.Then i took a peek inside and realised that not only did it include a cool(and hopefully functioning) stand ,but lying at the bottom of the packaging  was a fully articulated Prince Adam figure!Kind of  an odd way to package a figure imo.So 10 bucks for two figs and a stand warranted the purchase .Now i am the proud owner of my first ever MOTU Classics action figures ;)I’ve stated before how i wasn’t the biggest fan of the uprightedness of these figures.Tonight i’ll mess around with the Prince Adam figure a bit  to see if  it changes my mind.


UFC-Georges St-Pierre/Blogger not working?

Two part post here.For some strange reason,everytime i try to post on Blogger sites,i get an error?I’m wondering if anyone else is encountering the same problem.So if i haven’t commented on your blogs,just know that it is due to technical difficulties.I’m still checking your blogs out daily ;)This will be my final UFC post of the week,although i may be looking to add a couple more to the collection.This another fighter who i am quite unfamiliar with but thought he looked bad a#$!Looks like Quick Kick has a couple of new recruits!Enjoy the pics!










UFC – Anderson Silva (The Spider)

Very impressed with these figures!Say hello to Anderson Silva a.k.a. The Spider.Don’t know who he is?Me neither,but i’ve seen him once or twice on ESPN highlight reels,and if i’m not mistaken i think he recently lost a match.Not sure about that.What i am sure of is the quality of this action figure.I’m loving it!The plastic is durable as can be and the articulation is top notch.I could have put him in 50 other positions if i really wanted to,but only took a few pics.I’m a little torn about the grin on his face.On one hand it’s far too friendly looking and offsets any menacing poses i put him in.On the other hand,the smile kind of reminds me of the William Perry Joe figure and that’s a good thing.All in all a decent friggin’ figure at a price you can’t “BEAT”.Pun intended.






RSCN9733 Say “CHEESE” !


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