New home,new toy room,old paneling!

Finally!All moved in and ready to start blogging again!All of our furniture is in place,walls are painted and the creepiness of  an empty home has pretty much diminished now that the family and i have become more acclimated and settled in.We love the new place but the highlight for me (besides the amazing kid friendly neighborhood) was the little gem of a room down in our basement!I can’t front,at first it sort of gave me the willies,but now it only gives me the willies sometimes.Let’s take the grand tour shall we?

Let’s just forget about the fact that these basement stairs look exactly like the ones in “The Amityville Horror” because i have.Somewhat.Eventually the ledge there will be adorned with MLB bobbleheads and the wall will have various MLB related pics and plaques.


A quick right and a couple of steps later  leads us to the entrance of  the  new(well sort of) and improved(well sort of) AF&T base of operations!

DSCN9637Lets forget about the odd orb like apparition on the lower left  side of the above pic  and focus our attention on the old school , 70’s style wood paneling!SNAZZY ;)Let’s take a look inside!


This is a “before” pic  of what the room looked like empty ,below are all of the “after” pics.The previous owner  left a few wall mounted shelves behind  and all were in pretty good condition!


This corner of the room is my favorite!I’ve got Marvel figures displayed on the top shelf and Joes on the bottom.Off to the right there you can see my mini  homage to Snake Eyes.I chose my three favorite SE figures for this display.I was also able to set up an internet connection so all blog posts will come directly from the “toy room” 🙂


Yes!I can finally put those Retaliation  zip lines to use!





I chose to display most of my vintage figures on the other side of the room,opting to only showcase a few 80’s Joes until i can find some stands for them.The rest of the pics  feature my TF’s DOTM collection and a few of my McFarlane Pro Sports figures.I’m hoping to add some more shelving units soon in order to display the rest of my figures as well as vehicles.I’m definitely going to dedicate  entire shelves to  my small DC and Star Wars collection ,leaving  empty spaces for future figures.Enjoy the rest of the pics1




18 responses to “New home,new toy room,old paneling!

  1. Very cool. I have to say that I am a fan of old-school wood panelling(very 70’s-80’s). I’m sure that we’ll see changes as time goes on, and your collection grows. That’s my favorite part of collecting; the constant changes. I look forward to seeing more collection pics as time goes on. 🙂

    • Thanks J!Changes might come sooner than later as it seems like my basement will be needing a little extra work.I’ve stashed all my figs..AGAIN…and will set up shop once everything goes back to normal.It sucks but hopefully things will straighten out soon.

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