UFC-Georges St-Pierre/Blogger not working?

Two part post here.For some strange reason,everytime i try to post on Blogger sites,i get an error?I’m wondering if anyone else is encountering the same problem.So if i haven’t commented on your blogs,just know that it is due to technical difficulties.I’m still checking your blogs out daily ;)This will be my final UFC post of the week,although i may be looking to add a couple more to the collection.This another fighter who i am quite unfamiliar with but thought he looked bad a#$!Looks like Quick Kick has a couple of new recruits!Enjoy the pics!










10 responses to “UFC-Georges St-Pierre/Blogger not working?

    • Yeah i’ve been trying to comment for a couple days now.Maybe it’s on my end.Anyways i wanted to ask…I may want to add a set of the original Power Rangers to my collection but of course they would have to be 3 3/4 and articulated.What line would you suggest?

  1. Quick Kick really needs to wipe those smiles off their faces. How about putting them in the john with the Hulk. That would do it.

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