MOTU Classics-Prince Adam

I’m not hooked,but impressed.I will definitely add a couple more of these to the old collection if i get the chance,but won’t go nuts coveting them.I will say that they are a hell of a lot more poseable than i originally thought.I’ve seen tons of pics of these Classics figures  on other blogs,but never really in any cool poses.Most were in a stiff upright position which led me to think that the legs had limited movement.I really didn’t go nuts posing Prince Adam,but i was able to put him in some pretty cool stances.Quick question to all of the MOTU experts out there-Is there any particular reason why Adams clothing has the same color scheme as Orko’s?






8 responses to “MOTU Classics-Prince Adam

    • I must admit,it is very impressive!My only gripe would be the sword.I wish it would have been double sided,although weren’t the originals the same way?

  1. Yeah, it was supposed to piece together with the other power sword to make a whole. I love this figure. It also teaches kids that if you’re going to go out in public wearing a furry diaper and purple tights, you better have a sword to defend yourself.

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