G.I. Joe Retaliation-Budo (loose)

These next couple of days will be Joe-heavy as I’ve recently picked up some  G.I. goodness!Today we’ll be taking a look at Budo from the new wave of “Ultimate” Joes.When I think of Samurai,some favorites quickly come to mind.Soulcalibur’s  Mitsurugi,Samurai Jack and Budo top that list.As a kid,right around the time my love of collecting G.I. Joes began to dwindle,certain figures would pull me back in.There was Spearhead and Max,Repeater,Raptor and Road Pig!Then there was Budo!Now at the time G.I. Joe had it’s fair share of martial artists.Quick Kick,Snake Eyes,Jinx and Storm Shadow.But Budo was a friggin’ Samurai!Are you kidding me?!?!A Samurai?!?!How cool was he gonna look rocking his ceremonial head piece,Samurai sword in hand hanging off the side of my Rolling Thunder! I had to add him to my collection and eventually did.I loved my Budo figure as a kid!When I heard the news about a new ultimate version of Budo figure set to release in the fall,adding it to my collection was pretty much an automatic. I wasn’t about to wait for Budo to hit store pegs either so I hopped online and picked this baby up!Call me biased but imo,this figure truly is a masterpiece.A work of art if you will.The helmet alone looks like something you’d see in the Smithsonian.The Kimono is super detailed and while it takes away from the figures mobility,really pops!Just an amazing stand alone figure.Doubly  awesome is the fact that Budo is a Joe!






Somewhere there is a poor reindeer wondering what the hell happened to his antlers









8 responses to “G.I. Joe Retaliation-Budo (loose)

  1. I swear that was a Batman villain that looked just like this in the New Adventures of Batman. He would be worth getting him just for that.

    • I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with the martial arts so this is right up my alley.Not to mention the fact that I had the original as a kid.This figure will be a favorite of mine without a doubt.

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