G.I. Joe Retaliation-Kwinn(loose)

Very cool figure.The Kwinn character screams bad ass and the correlation between he and  Snake Eyes  is a huge plus.The sculpt and color scheme effectively capture the essence and likeness of everybody’s(well..not so much mine as I only have dated memories of Kwinn from issue 2) favorite  mercenary for hire and the accessories rock.But there’s a problem.He’s dead!I know it’s only an action figure but the fact that Kwinn dies in a later issue of G.I. Joe bugs the crap out of me!Think of the missions he and Snake Eyes could have gone on!Kwinn has to make a movie appearance and if he dies in it,then they have to do something to bring him back.Ala Captain America,in the form of a spirit,cyborg,i don’t know.JUST BRING HIM BACK!iT BUGS ME TO HAVE SUCH A COOL FIGURE OF A CHARACTER THAT’S DEAD!Now that I got that off my chest,enjoy the pics!















4 responses to “G.I. Joe Retaliation-Kwinn(loose)

  1. Man these new Joes kick the heineys of the old style! They are awesome!!!! I need Kwinn! He could become like, friends with Wolverine and together face Sabretooth in the eskimo plains…

    • Gotta git yer butt to the states Hobby ;)Jokes aside,if you do ,check out any pharmacies you may come across.They’re notorious for having the newer Joes in stock.

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