11 new Marvel ToyBiz Figs!- 11.Apocalypse & 10.Kang


As I mentioned recently,just the other day I won an Ebay auction and really made out scoring 11 ToyBiz figures for the low price of 5 bucks w/ Free Shipping !I’ll be posting them in a certain order though.I’ll start with my least favorite and then work my way up to number 1.Out of the 11 ,two I already have,the Apocalypse figure being one of them.Hence the low ranking. He’s still an awesome figure though.Kang,on the other hand,was a mystery to me until I did a little digging.Turns out this particular version of him is from the Avengers -United They Stand series.Not very fond of this look but Kang is due for an update.So there you have it.Figures number 11 and 10 on the list.Stay tuned for 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and 1 😉










6 responses to “11 new Marvel ToyBiz Figs!- 11.Apocalypse & 10.Kang

  1. I have the upgraded Apocalypse whose face I prefer better than this one. I do not have this one. I did at one time though. I like the extending parts of him.

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