9.Stryfe 8.Gideon

Stryfe is up there,high on the list  because I already have one.Only this one came complete and in a bit better shape!Gideon comes in at number 8 cuz I really don’t know much about him.As a kid,X-Force was pretty much the last series of comics I  collected(thanks to those eerily drawn hands) before ultimately calling it quits,and while I remember Gideon vaguely,he was never a favorite.The figure still looks great though and i’ll have to check out some of those old X-Men animated cartoons to see if Gideon ever made an appearance in them.











4 responses to “9.Stryfe 8.Gideon

  1. Had them too back in the day. I was reading Xforce and was obsessed with Age of apocalypse. In fact I made that guy with the green hair on Wildcats the AOA version of ole Gideon here.

  2. These guys just remind me too much of the 90s comics which to me was just a terrible time for those books like X-Men and more. I guess am more of 70s and 80s guy when it comes to comic books and the characters in them but i will say Strye is the better looking two of these figures and also congrats on them too Tony they look in great shape. : )

    • Yeah, right around that time it seemed like everything that came out had an X in front of it.I tried to like X-Force,and I did to certain degree but the artwork bugged the crap out of me.I love the figures though!

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