Comic Quickie!

I’m generally not big into comics these days but while shopping at Dollar Tree (yes..the store were everything’s a dollar-No,not where they sell the exclusive line of G.I. Joe figures,that would be Dollar General)) for my daughters school snacks,i ran across these comic two packs put out by a company called Cards One.Each pack includes two vintage (not reprints) Marvel,DC,Image etc. comic books and this particular  two pack caught my eye.What caught my eye right away was the cover of  the first pack,which boasted a who’s who of Marvel heroes and immediately reminded me of the Secret Wars series.Upon closer inspection it turned out to be issue number 3 of the Infinity Gauntlet series.I’ve since unwrapped this baby and given it a quick read and absolutely loved it.Now I want the rest of them.I’ll do a quick write up on this awesome issue once I wrap up my ToyBiz figure countdown.