7.Junkpile 6.Grizzly

Here we have an X-Men from the future (Junkpile) and an X-Force Baddie (Grizzly).Not very familiar with either of these guys but that’s the joy of collecting.Finding characters you know nothing about lights a fire under your behind and motivates you to do some diggin’!Junkpile is part of X-Men 2099.A mutant with the ability to create himself entirely out of metal,Junkpile is one awesome looking action figure!Press down on his head and Junkpile explodes into a …well… into a junk pile.Grizzly used to be part of Cables “The Wild Pack” and then later ..according to WIKI…became a serial killer.So I guess that makes him a baddie.Or a meanie at best.Another awesome piece o plastic ,though, and addition to my ToyBiz collection!









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