Avengers Assemble-Gamma Fist Hulk

Whether or not you like the new  Avengers Assemble Gamma Fist Hulk may come down to a matter of perspective and how you look at him. Literally . From the top down he’s as menacing and awesome looking as any other 3 3/4 Hulk figure out there, head sculpt wise .The strangeness sets in the minute you look at that same head sculpt from a different angle . Head on and from underneath, Hulk’s expression changes into a more laid back , relaxed demeanor . It’s  odd , but in no way does it take away from this action figure’s overall presence and coolness. I’ve seen  video reviewers criticize everything from the small head sculpt on down to the flatness of his fee t! Yes , you heard right-the flatness of his feet ! LOL . Everybody is entitled to their own opinion I guess , although, I’d go as far  to say that  the feet are actually a strong point for this figure as they feature the  very much adored rocker joints . The body sculpt lacks the shading most MU figures sport , but makes up for it in detail . The muscles on this figure have muscles. Something the movie version really lacked.I’m also digging the brighter green.Also,this is a big figure as far as the  3 3/4  scale goes and pretty much dwarves most of the recent Hulk figures that have been released. A word of warning . If you do decide to pick this figure up,go easy on the leg joints at first.My right leg seemed to be stuck in place while the left moved back and forth , no problem . After messing around with it a little, I realized that I could get the right leg to move back and forth by moving the left one with it  at the same time . After that, the pose-abilty is pretty much endless.Articulation is another upside to this figure . Their haven’t been any really impressive Hulks on store pegs  since the latest MU  release,but hopefully this figure will change that and get the praise that, IMO, it fully deserves.Enjoy the pics!













Comparison Pics