G.I. Joe ROC-Red Fang Ninja (Revisited)

While I did spend a little time at my parents house for Thanksgiving , I opted to skip going to the in-laws to wrap some gifts and get some things done while the wifey and kids were away . With a little free (peace and quiet) time to kill , I decided to re-organize my figs/weapons, as most of them were scattered in a drawer cart . Everytime I do this , one particular figure always seems to stand out and catch my eye again . This time it was this ROC Red Fang Ninja figure . I’ve taken pics of him before but with the flash on . This time I took the pics without flash to get a better , glare-less overall  image of  what I think is an awesome Joe figure.







4 responses to “G.I. Joe ROC-Red Fang Ninja (Revisited)

  1. Hasbro did a great job with that mould and got a lot of use out of it during the release of the Rise of Cobra, though with each different release of it they managed to make it look different, whether it was as the Neo-Viper, Mars Trooper or this Ninja, the Cobra trooper headsculpt is also cool and I like the inclusion of the harness which really sets him apart from the more generic troopers that he shares his parts with.

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