G.I. Joe Retaliation- Ninja Duel Snake Eyes (Revisited)

This was the version of Snake Eyes I had waited for since the first mentioning and trailers of the Retaliation film. I loved the look they chose to go with here and the figure is pretty much spot on. I will say ,however, that this figure was a bit overrated. Even I made more of it than I probably should have when I first posted about it a while back. Alot of people who’ve reviewed this Ninja Duel Snake Eyes fail to point out the odd looking long hands and under detailed leg sculpts. I like a booted Snake Eyes and this version seems to be sporting some low top cross trainers. Overall a great figure and fresh take on such an iconic character, but far from a perfect rendition.DSCN8975



















6 responses to “G.I. Joe Retaliation- Ninja Duel Snake Eyes (Revisited)

  1. He look decent, but I find lately I like Snake Eyes with a more commando look to him with webbing et al. Though he definitely looks decent. How are the Mars 3 pack? I’ve been eyeing them up on Amazon recently, thinking of biting.

    • They’re real cool figures that will grow on you Orniphus.I didn’t dig them much at first but after taking them out of the packaging and posing them together I liked them even more.

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