X-Mas Haul part 3 of 3

While far from complete, my Star Wars collection is slowly amassing. I can’t believe I found this set on Amazon for  $6.25.Yeah I had to pay an extra 5 to get it shipped but still. Most Boba Fett figures alone  cost upwards of $12 -15 bucks online these days. I’m still skeptical about the low price. With so many collectors looking for  immaculate MOC items, I’m wondering if the mark down  had something to do with the crossed out “Only At Target” sticker? Aaah, who cares. I’m opening anyways. More Grain  PlayStation goodness!I’ve been wanting to play Iron Man/XO Manowar for a while now.Plus the “little kid” inside me was begging for a shoot ’em up, side-scrolling plat-former for Christmas and i wasn’t about to disappoint. How cool is that Spider-Man figurine and tiny Ninja?! My girls got me those 🙂 All in all a great Christmas.. stressful at times .. but well worth it. Oh, and did I forget to mention stressful? I kid. Anyways. Aim for  those goals that are most likely attainable in 2014 and have a happy new year!


8 responses to “X-Mas Haul part 3 of 3

  1. That’s hilarious. I bought that exact same set of figures a couple weeks ago just for the Boba Fett figure. It’s crazy how much the Fett man goes on his own.

    I played Iron Man/X-O on the Saturn, and I remember it being pretty difficult. It should give you quite a few hours of play time.

    • Snaggletooth/Sand People figures are a huge plus,though.They were prominently featured in the film(Snaggletooth not so much but still a popular figure) and that’s pretty much all i’m looking for as far as Star Wars figures go.
      I have vague memories of playing Iron Man/XO.Hopefully it will all come back after I pop this sucker in the old PS!

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