“Heyy Yooooo Guys!”

Just checking in to let you guys know that I haven’t forgotten about ya ! We’re getting closer and closer to the start of the MLB season and I’m chompin’ at the bit!Pretty much everything baseball takes precedent right around this time. So definitely stay tuned as I’ve got a couple of new things/discoveries to post about and I can’t wait to get to them. So I’ll leave you with a quick pic of one of my all time favorite action figures, Toxy!


Busy Playin’ Some ‘Station!

For those of you waiting to see some more Star Wars goodies,my bad ūüė¶¬† I’ve been spending the little freetime I have gaming hard on my PlayStation!Two more gems that I’ll be attempting to put a dent in by¬† weeks end!Be back to post about some figs soon!Peace¬†¬†: )¬†



Package From Buzz (Kevin) ! UPDATED

Buzzchuck package arrived today! I didn’t even know he was sending one until I checked back on a post I commented on and he¬† gave me instructions to keep an eye on my mailbox! Judging by the artwork on the lower left corner,¬†I’m assuming maybe SW’s? ¬†Kevin you didn’t have to,ya did¬†anyways and I thank you!¬†Good looking out, buddy ūüėČ


Leave it up to Buzzchuck to send over some carded awesomeness and vintage Star Wars goodness!I can’t wait to rip these babies open to get some pics of Lady Deathstrike and Wolverine going at it!You’ve made my weekend ,Kev,with this surprise package.BTW-This particular Lando figure I had as a kid in Puerto Rico,so i’m feeling all types of nostalgic right now ¬†ūüėȬ† Thanks¬† Man ¬†ūüôā


Star Wars-Special Action Figure Set/Villains-Snaggletooth

After receiving a little bit of Christmas cash over the holidays,i took to the internet to see if I could¬†find¬†some modern Star Wars figures to add to the collection.I was prepared to drop $12 + on a loose Boba Fett figure.I hate having to drop¬†that kind of¬†¬†money on any one figure,but knew I would have to If I wanted to bring home the Boba. So imagine how psyched I was to find this set on Amazon for¬†6 bucks and¬† change! In total plus shipping , I ended up with three awesome(brand new)¬†Star Wars figures for the price of one loose Boba Fett on Ebay.This¬†villainous trio should look great next to my other SW figures once I finally get my display room set up again.I’m trying¬†for equal parts MARVEL,G.I. Joe and Star Wars,so it looks like I’ll be coveting more SW figures¬†as I still need a decent C-3PO,Laeia and a Jedi Luke to round out the usual’s .Of the three figures included in the villain¬†set,I must say that I wasn’t very excited about Snaggletooth.That all changed once I got him out of the packaging,as he is quite the charming little focker.

I love that box! Very sturdy and similar to the original 1979 release!



Such a cool little figure!




Every great action figure has to have a working gun holster. It’s only right.





Don’t you think Snaggletooth would have made an awesome ally to Han Solo?


AWWWW Friendly nuggies ūüôā


Avengers Assemble-Red Skull (Cosmic Strike)

Sorry about the lack o posts. The holidays took a lot out my family and I, and it seems now that we’ll be braving the elements as well with this country wide arctic storm that’s been wreaking havoc across much of the U.S.-Did I just sound like a weatherman? Yes I did. And the five day future-cast looks something like this-A little bit of Red Skull on Monday and Tuesday¬†with a light dusting of Star Wars for much of¬†¬†Wednesday and Thursday. Friday seems¬†to be shaping up to be a dandy¬†with¬† a 99.9% chance of a¬†passing meteor shower. Nothing too serious,though. Enjoy the pics!