Added Steps And Holding Cell To Fort!

Get used to these small updates guys because I have a feeling this thing is going to get cooler and cooler by the minute. Every time I pass by it, I think of something new that I can add on or improve upon. What’s cool about this kind of Styrofoam is the sturdiness of it. Once you put them together they don’t budge and hold up your action figure perfectly! It also cuts smoothly and cleanly. But the best part about it is the rock appearance. The pictures don’t do it much justice ,because when your up close  and looking at It, It really looks like an ancient ruin/monument. I’ve added some steps using tooth picks to stick the slabs against the sides of the walls. The chain in the holding cell is actually Ninja Force Wolverine’s  weapon. It’s pretty convincing though IMO.I feel the steps that I’ve added give the fort more of an accessible feel to it, connecting and making it passable from one end to the other.
















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