Multiverse Mania!

Surprised by the wifey today with some DC Multiverse figures! She took a gamble and figured I would like the Azrael figure and then threw Batman and Deadshot into the mix 🙂 My interest in action figures has been subsiding as of late, but I am lacking in decently articulated 3 3/4 DC figures, so this line should fill that void nicely.The movie version of Batman from the Multiverse line is one figure I will seriously be coveting and should be released sometime in April I believe. For now this version will do and isn’t as bad as I thought It would be. In fact ,he looks pretty friggin’ cool!The paint really pops on this figure and photographs well.My lone gripe would have to be the lack of any weapons or accessories. Nothing.Not even a projectile in the shape of a bat. Not even a bat in the shape of a projectile.Yup. Nada.That said,the sculpt and articulation points are this figures saving grace and I recommend picking this one up If you ever come across it in the wiz-ild.




                                             “Look what I can do!”