DC Multiverse-Azrael

Let’s play a game.We’ll call it the “Other Characters Azrael Could Easily Be Mistaken For” game!

1.An updated version of Medieval Spawn (updated,medieval- oxymoron?)

2.ezio auditore da Firenze (Assassins Creed)

3.Storm Shadow

4.Generic Indiana Jones villain

5.The Mincer (Shredder’s evil-er twin)

6.Anno Domini-Cobra Commander’s religious consultant

7.Gargamel’s cat

Can you guys think of any?




RSCN7766 RSCN7767




6 responses to “DC Multiverse-Azrael

  1. A cool looking figure, but one of the lesser on the want list, but he definitely could be used as a Medieval knight as well. Nice sculpt, but it looks like a lot stuff is in the way of his articulation.

    • The shoulder pads are made of a soft rubber so the arms move pretty freely.I think what gives some of these figures that stiff appearance is the articulation itself.No ab crunch and weird leg and hip joints contribute to that.The one restriction here is his head as its not as free to move like other parts are.

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