DC Multiverse- Armored Batman

This was the Batman figure I originally wanted from the Multiverse line,at least until the movie version releases.This is basically a repaint of the first ,more subtle grey release,but a damn good one.The utility belt has also changed a bit this time around and the arms sport nicely sculpted gauntlets.Head sculpt is the same and with the exception of the added gauntlets,so is the rest of the sculpt.They even added a super ,cool looking serial number right smack dab in the lower, center part of the capes interior for all to see when Batman is in his battle stance!YAY  🙂 I can’t tell you how much I hate that sh%&  😦 Besides that,the figure is super solid…If you can manage to find one with more discreet  stampings.Enjoy the pickies!




Oh yeah I forgot the blue fiery,electrical thingies.BZZZZZZZ!










6 responses to “DC Multiverse- Armored Batman

  1. I would have a hard time deciding between this one, and the other Batman next to him.

    It’s nice to see a figure that is well articulated but still looks pretty sturdy.

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