Avengers Assemble-Captain America

If no one’s gonna post about these figures then I will. HA HA!I know a lot of collectors consider these figures to be crap, but I’d like to think of them more as being crap-ilicious or crap-tastic. 5 points of articulation and an accessory(save for the Hulk figure) is all your going to get with this line of Avengers figures. But value wise they’re totally worth it! While the articulation isn’t all there, the aesthetics certainly are. These figures are simple and won’t strike any dynamic poses when photographing them, but are great to display at a work station or next to your CPU. You can mess around with them and not have to worry about any joints snapping off or breaking. This is one set I’ll be trying to complete. Still need Iron Man, Hulk and Hawkeye who I believe will be the hardest of the three to find.Keeping with tradition, every Captain America figure that makes its way into my collection gets to take the Strikefire Transport for an honorary spin.Enjoy the pics!






Insert pegged shield here








The scale is pretty much on point

The scale is pretty much on point










10 responses to “Avengers Assemble-Captain America

  1. Very cool Tony and there not crap at all but a little underwhelming might be a better thing to say about them which is what i think a lot of hard core collectors are feeling on these figures. I would like them more if they were more cartoon like i think.

  2. I just hate the new designs. I am a seventies guy. I need my Avengers to look like that. I hate all those frickin straps on Cap.

    • I’m with you in a way ,but comic book characters have to be updated in some way to make them a little bit more logical on the big screen.For instance Luke Cage (power man).I love the way he looked back in the day but looking like a Commodore or a member of Earth,Wind and Fire on a 2014 big screen just wouldn’t be plausible.

  3. The thing I like about this figure is the inclusion of the shield for Cap, there are two lines for Avengers Assemble, this one with 5 POA and the other which has figures with more articulation at a higher price point. The Cap from the higher price point doesn’t include his own shield, just a shield missile for the spring firing missle launcher he comes with. I like the modern costume design.

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