He-Man 2002 Mekaneck

A while back jboypacman was cool enough to send some action figures my way and this Mekaneck figure was one of them.I really love the elongated design of these figures as opposed to the short and stocky look of the 80’s line.I have this guy  displayed  on a small shelf in my spare room and he looks great.Thanks again jbp!

He-Man 2002 Mekaneck

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He-Man 2002

This is one of the 6 gazillion toy’s that arrived at my doorstep yesterday courtesy of my good friend jboypacman!I have to say that this figure right here is my favorite.This is the 2002 He-Man, based on the cartoon series that aired that year on the Cartoon Network.I remember watching the first few episodes and really liking it,although i think they ended up canceling it. I believe this figure is complete and looks incredible on display!Thanks again JB 😉

2002 He-Man

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