The Goonies- DVD- (2001)

A little while ago,my sister had a garage sale and this awesome DVD went unsold!She priced it at $1 and nobody bit,so she gave it to me :)My daughter and i stayed up late last night to watch it and it was quite the experience.Being able to relive this iconic film that made such a huge impression on me as a kid,with my kid  was truly priceless!She got a kick out of  “Data”  ,and thought that “Sloth” was the ugliest thing she had ever seen LOL!She also thought the mother of the two Fratelli brothers was a man up until the scene where one of them calls her mom 😀 The DVD has some cool extras like outtakes, and the full length “It’s Good Enough” Cindy Lauper video with all the WWF wrestlers in it. The artwork on the cover is killer as well!