1986 Marshall BraveStarr 1/2-1/8

This was my 2nd X-Mas gift  and it arrived on  Saturday giving me time to take some pics this weekend to get the first week of the new year rolling.I never owned a Marshall BraveStarr figure as a kid but i always wanted one.I did however have Tex Hex(BraveStarrs arch-nemesis) and the only figures i had in about the same  scale  were my Sectaurs  although Tex Hex stood a few inches taller.I really dig this figure and i would recommend this line to anyone who collects vintage action figures.They stand about 8 inches tall and make great display pieces.Also..if  anyone out there has any of his accessories(vest or hat mainly) and would like to make a trade of some sort let me know 😉

Marshall BraveStarr