The Amazing Spider-Man – Sewer Clash w/Spider-Man and Lizard (CLEARANCE!)

I found this great little set at Marshalls on clearance for 7 bucks!These days articulated figures are harder and harder to come by so i didn’t think twice about snagging up three(special figure included) for the price of one.Stay tuned for loose pics!


Clearance Coolness!

I wanted to make this an all Transformers week but I haven’t gotten around to opening my Thundercracker or Wheeljack figure yet. Things around here have still been a little hectic and most of my figures have yet to come out of storage with all the renovating and home repair that’s been going on.This should all be done soon though, and and my figures will hopefully be back on display sooner rather than later 😉 I did however manage to pick up some pretty cool items and collection hole fillers from my local Wal-Mart’s clearance section at a very decent price .Check out the $1 dollar price tag on these cool Generator Rex figures!Five bucks got me two versions of Rex (the show’s protagonist),his mentor Agent Six,arch-enemy Van Kleiss  and Van Kleiss’s loyal henchmen Biowulf! I was also able to snag up a Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard figure from the POTC line.I have been wanting to add a Jack Sparrow figure to my collection for the longest and the Blackbeard figure is just icing on the cake.I’ll be posting about these individually in the next couple of days so stay tuned for that as well as a couple more TF posts!