BEST-LOCK Military Playset (WW2 Sherman Tank)

Here we go!First things first.I am not a LEGO collector nor am i a collector of  mini-figures in general,but between Reis’s LEGO figure pics and jboypac’s  mini fig pics i have caught the mini-figure fever bad LOL!I must say that this BEST-LOCK set was my first true sort-of-like LEGO experience .I have played with my daughter’s LEGO’S in the past and we’ve built everything from shopping malls to fairytale castles mostly out of scratch.This was my first time actually sitting in front of instructions and assembling blocks accordingly.I’m fu#%ing hooked.Pardon my french but i haven’t had this much fun with blocks or any toy for that matter in a long time! Watching this thing  take form before my very eyes was such a cool experience.Going into this i had already read reviews on these blocks and they weren’t very good.There were basically two parts to assemble,the body and the cockpit.In the reviews i read about BEST-BLOCKS there were complaints about blocks not fitting correctly.As far as the body of the tank goes everything went smoothly.It was the cockpit that i had two gripes with.1)the cannon doesn’t fit as snuggly as i want it to and if the tank  is moved around a lot it will fall off.2)the same thing goes for the two pieces that attach to the sides of the cockpit.Neither of those things really bug me because i’m only going to put this on display and if you factor in the the two cool figures and their weapon arsenal the pros outweigh the cons IMO.Overall i’m pretty pleased with this set  and while i won’t go out of my way to find more Best- Lock  blocks i am open to purchasing this brand again.In the meantime i’ll be looking around for some LEGO military stuff to see how well these two brands blend.Enjoy the pics!

Front View

Back View


Knock-Off Legos!

I just picked up this cheap set of Knock-Off  Legos made by a company called BEST-LOCK Construction Toys.The military theme really sparked my interest and furthermore i think i’ve caught the mini-fig bug LOL !Anyways i did some research on line and saw that these particular sets got some terrible reviews so once i get this out of the box and built i’ll give you guys my take on them.

BEST LOCK Military Playset