Kre O-Cityville Invasion

These kinda played me.I thought they were going to look like your normal everyday Kre O figures but was a bit let down after finding out that these guys are half the size.It turns out this line is based on a downloadable app/game called Cityville Invasion.I didn’t know this until after I cracked these suckers open.I tried  the game out and it’s surprisingly fun,although I hate idea of having to pay for things like coins and power ups after downloading a game for free.Habro did a great job on the packaging as the shot of Sgt.Drill going up against Zombie soldier was what drew me in.



Much like any other block based figure,these will have to be put together.The head,arms and waist all move while the legs are basically just one stationary piece.




The one accessory that left me puzzled was the motion brick.After doing a little digging,the motion bricks are a surf board of sorts that the figures are placed upon.You’ll only be able to test it out on the motorized playsets that vibrate and cause the figures to move around the board,bringing the set to life!It’s actually pretty cool looking.Check it out on Youtube if you get the chance to.All in all these aren’t  that bad and may be worth checking out.