1983 Galoob B.A. Baracus (Mr.T)

The great thing about vintage toys is that if at some point in your child hood you managed to own or come into contact with one ,the memory tends to stick with you as an adult.Re-uniting with an action figure or toy I owned as a kid has always had a magical and gratifying impact on me. I’m assuming such is the case with most toy collectors(over the age of 30) .Show  someone who’s feeling down in the dumps or is just having a bad day an action figure they used to have as a kid and i guarantee you’ll get an instant smile out of them.Such is the case with this Mr.T action figure.I was around 7-8 years old when my family decided to make that change and move from Puerto Rico to N.Y. and by that time i had already been exposed to Clash Of The Titans, Star-Wars and He-Man action figures(I can’t begin to tell you how funny the He-Man cartoon intro sounds in Spanish,i still know it by heart LOL).Gosh i can still remember the name of the street we moved to(Pomeroy St.) .It was one of those side by side (duplex)homes with all kind s of carpeting,wallpaper and two floors!(most homes in P.R. were one floor with cement and tiled floors.)I remember venturing out to my front lawn and finding a strange Star Wars like vehicle(Speeder Bike) underneath some bushes,knowing that some unlucky kid had either lost or forgot to bring it inside, and began playing with it.Across the street a kid around my age starts to approach me with an action figure of his own in hand.He holds up the figure(1983 Galoob  BA Baracus)  in his hand and shows it to me.  We try to communicate but it turns out that my English is just as bad as his Spanish LOL but a funny thing happens.We totally put our language barrier to the side and began talking the universal language of toys!He placed his Baracus on the Star Wars Speeder Bike i had just found and like “magic” a new friendship was formed.I so was diggin’ that Baracus figure and said to myself “self..one day you too will own a Mr.T BA Baracus figure”And whaddaya know 26 years later i have my very own 1983 Galoob BA Baracus action figure!He’s not in the best of shape but i bet the one that kid had back in ’85 isn’t either LOL!All jokes aside,if ever i’m feeling down or just need to lighten up a bit i can count on ol’  BA Baracus to take me back to that memorable  autumn encounter back in ’85 with a Star Wars Speeder Bike,a kid and his action figure.

1983 Galoob B.A. Baracus