Gerard “Fixer” Rainer

These figures are too cool not to get their own posts here on AF&T. I wonder what new plans lie ahead in regards to this particular line of figures?Hopefully they’ll decide to release brand new sculpts instead of  re-releasing old character repaints.






Lanard CORPS! – Hugo “Shadow” Ortiz

Every once in a while a couple of Lanard CORPS! figures manage to sneak their way into my collection and such is the case with  Shadow!Hugo “Shadow” Ortiz is affiliated with the covert ops branch of the CORPS and is a decent looking figure for the price.






 Lanard has provided a cool site for serious and/or casual collectors  of CORPS! figures.You’ll be able to access certain pages like the one shown below,of every member of the CORPS! team including the villains.You’ll only be able to access character bios if you become a member,which isn’t that big of a deal but it is nice to get a feel for a figures background.


The CORPS! Action Ready 3 Man Recon

I picked this up a while back and figured it was about time that i post about it. This is that 5 dollar set that you see warming the pegs in your local Wal-Mart’s  toy aisle hanging hopelessly next to the 30th ann. Joe’s trying desperately to fit in,and although these figures don’t get 1/4 of the attention other more popular toy brands receive i really love em’!Here we have Alex Brody A.K.A.” Rucker”, Zander Baptiste A.K.A “Crash” and Marcus Dundee A.K.A. “Rip”!This set also comes with a motorcycle that while not top quality,still serves it’s purpose.

The CORPS! 3 Man Recon

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Ninja Corps (New Recruits) Decoder 11/7-11/13

Ladies and gentlemen let the budget bonanza begin!I posted about this line of figures a while back and today i will add one more to the collection.Say hello to “Decoder” the third and final member of  the Ninja Corps Shinobi Squad.I picked up Mirage and Rain a couple weeks back and really loved them,so naturally i had to go back for Decoder.This is another great looking figure from LANARD’S The Corps! toy line and and you can’t beat the $1.77 price tag.The figure is solid and the only negative are his accessories.They don’t lock on to his arms as snug as i want them to but they still stay on and make the figure look great when attached!


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Ninja Corps (New Recruits) Mirage & Rain

I can’t tell you how excited i am about this post.The other day i decided to check out the toy aisles in my local Wal-Mart and i happened to pass by these single carded Corps figures .Now in the past i have given these figures a quick glance and that’s about it,never really wanting to spend money  on generic figures that could end up being poorly made and fall apart once i got them out of the package.After all the 5-7 buck price for multiple figures (i think 5 came in a pack) led me to believe that the quality of the plastic and the figure itself  would not be worth the money.I always liked the character design though.So when i saw these single carded figures on the pegs for $ 1.77 each i figured what the heck,if they end up being flimsy and of poor quality then it only cost me a little under 4 bucks to find out.I noticed that there were different teams of Corps figures,6 to be exact which include “Terra Team,Sea Squad,Flying Force,Shinobi Squad and Covert Command.The 6th and final group is that of the villainous Marauders! I picked up two Shinobi Squad members and love the heck out of  ’em!These guys are solid and although the same mold was clearly used for both figures,the character designs and paints are different enough to enjoy them equally.Also,they are from the same Shinobi Squad so having the same uniform and Shinobi Squad emblem on their vests makes perfect sense.

Ninja Corps(New Recruits)Mirage & Rain

Mirage & Rain