Moving Soon!

It looks like I’ve just about reached my limit as far as media goes, on this free version of WordPress.I’m not sure If I should move over to Blogger or find other alternatives.I’ll keep you guys posted ūüėČ

3.Sinister 2.Sabretooth

Down to my favorite 3 of the bunch!Sinister ,who I remember vividly¬†from past X-Men and X-Force comics as well as¬†from appearances in the X-Men¬†animated series,is number 3 on the list.Sadly the light up feature does not work,but still and all another nice addition to the collection.At #2 we have Sabretooth!Who doesn’t love Sabretooth ?This particular ToyBiz rendition of Wolverines famed arch¬†nemesis has¬†the neat battle damage¬†gimmick ,ala the old school He-Man/Skeletor figures.











9.Stryfe 8.Gideon

Stryfe is up there,high on the list¬† because I already¬†have one.Only this one came complete and in a bit better shape!Gideon comes in at number 8 cuz I really don’t know much about him.As a kid,X-Force was pretty much the last series of comics I¬† collected(thanks to¬†those¬†eerily drawn hands)¬†before ultimately¬†calling it quits,and while I remember Gideon vaguely,he was never a favorite.The figure still looks great though and i’ll have to check out some of those old X-Men animated cartoons to see if Gideon ever made an appearance in them.











I’m good at two things,swatting and snackin’ on gummy worms,and i’m all out of gummy worms!

As many of you already know,my action figures and i have recently sought refuge in the basement of our new home.Basements tend to go hand in hand with big ass spiders,so much like Hobby over at Monster Cafe,i have to be on the lookout for would be intruders,only mine are of the eight legged variety and aren’t ¬†Mexican.So to all you creepy crawling,multiple leg having,rapidly reproducing ¬†spawns of satan-“Say hello to my little friend!”


New home,new toy room,old paneling!

Finally!All moved in and ready to start blogging again!All of our furniture is in place,walls are painted and the creepiness of ¬†an empty home has pretty much diminished now that the family and i have become more acclimated and settled in.We love the new place but the highlight for me (besides the amazing kid friendly neighborhood) was the little gem of a room down in our basement!I can’t front,at first it sort of gave me the willies,but now it only gives me the willies sometimes.Let’s take the grand tour shall we?

Let’s just forget about the fact that these basement stairs look exactly like the ones in “The Amityville Horror” because i have.Somewhat.Eventually the ledge there will be adorned with MLB bobbleheads and the wall will have various MLB related pics and plaques.


A quick right and a couple of steps later  leads us to the entrance of  the  new(well sort of) and improved(well sort of) AF&T base of operations!

DSCN9637Lets forget about the odd orb like apparition on the lower left ¬†side of the above pic ¬†and focus our attention on the old school , 70’s style wood paneling!SNAZZY ;)Let’s take a look inside!


This is a “before” pic ¬†of what the room looked like empty ,below are all of the “after” pics.The previous owner ¬†left a few wall mounted shelves behind ¬†and all were in pretty good condition!


This corner of the room is my favorite!I’ve got Marvel figures displayed on the top shelf and Joes on the bottom.Off to the right there you can see my mini ¬†homage to Snake Eyes.I chose my three favorite SE figures for this display.I was also able to set up an internet connection so all blog posts will come directly from the “toy room” ūüôā


Yes!I can finally put those Retaliation  zip lines to use!





I chose to display most of my vintage figures on the other side of the room,opting to only showcase a few 80’s Joes until i can find some stands for them.The rest of the pics ¬†feature my TF’s DOTM collection and a few of my McFarlane Pro Sports figures.I’m hoping to add some more shelving units soon in order to display the rest of my figures as well as vehicles.I’m definitely going to dedicate ¬†entire shelves to ¬†my small DC and Star Wars collection ,leaving ¬†empty spaces for future figures.Enjoy the rest of the pics1




The Avengers-Arial Infiltration Mission-Captain America

I just realized that A.I.M. would be the acronym for Arial Infiltration Mission.Anywhootin’anny…i’ve been wanting to add a classic Cap to the old collection for a while now but they were always too expensive online and they barely showed up on the pegs round these parts.Marshalls use to have the Captain America movie comic versions with the jet-pack thingamajigger on clearance for as low as 5 bucks, but i always passed on that one.Son of a popper!So the other day i decided to check ¬†the clearance aisle at Marshalls..again…and came across this guy right here.Avengers blah blah blah blah Mission Captain America!And he had the red boots!-CHECK.And he had the red gloves!-CHECK.And even though the rest of the figure was based on the movie version, ¬† he had the three classic red stripes going across his lower abdomen ¬†just like the original Cap!(or so i thought)-CHECK.And it was only 4 bucks!-CHECK.So i bought that muthapiece!Brought it home,opened it up and took off the ¬†parachute web gear to get a better look at those awesome red stripes that obviously paid homage to ¬†the classic….AAAAAARGH!WTF!Little dark blue stripes in between the red ones!AAWW crap i’d been played ¬† ūüė¶ ¬†It turns out the dark blue stripes are really part of his suspenders,but man why not just paint those suckers white to keep ish real!It looked rather odd to say the least,but the rest of the figure sort of grew on me after posing and messing around with it a bit.I like the lighter shade of blue compared to the darker shade that was used for the first movie version release.The red gloves and boots are also a nice touch and the parachute web gear + parachute helped raise the morale.For 4 bucks i can’t complain.I even thought about getting some white out to paint over the suspender straps,but i hate messing around with the integrity of an action figure.Oh well.Hopefully the Cap i have on the way will better the situation.



RSCN9532¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† OUCH!Isn’t that the French flag’s color scheme?









Dollar General G.I. Joe – Snake Eyes (repaint)

When i first spotted this figure on the pegs at my local DG,i noticed there was something off about it but i couldn’t quite put my finger on it.So i snagged it up anyways,took some pics and put a big “CLASH ALERT!” arrow on it instead.The court finds the web gear guilty on one count of ¬†clashing in the 1rst degree.And even though it fits, i refuse to acquit.Subsequently,i ¬†grabbed my ROC Ripcord figure’s gear ¬†and equipped “greenie” with it,and it didn’t look that bad.I’ll probably give Ripcord his vest back and elect to go web-gear-less with this particular Snake Eyes figure when displaying.