90’s Action Figures! 1996 Warriors of Virtue-Yee

A little while back i was taking a look at one of  Bubbashelby’s posts over at Toyriffic  about a 1990’s Power Ranger action figure and it got me to thinking about how the 90’s had it’s share of some pretty cool action figures.So i jumped online to take a look at some of them and was intrigued by some of the great looking figures and character designs.Some i already knew about and others were pretty much new to me.I snagged up a couple off of eBay and both of them arrived today.So we’ll kick things off with this 1996 Warriors of Virtue Yee figure.I remembered these figures the minute i saw them online because my nephew had a couple of them as a kid and i always liked the design.These figures are based on the movie “Warriors of Virtue” and if you couldn’t tell,Yee here is a KANGAROO!One of 5 kangaroos schooled in the Martial Arts and burdened with the task of protecting a young boy who accidentally travels into their time. I don’t remember the movie too well(and from what i’ve read it wasn’t that good) but i do remember the insanely sick choreographed fight scenes.I got this figure pretty cheap online because of the mangled blister packaging and the first thing i noticed about it was it’s overall chunkiness.This really is one heavy mass of plastic,typical of most of the action figures released in that decade.I picked up Yee not knowing much about his background but after reading his bio on the back of the card i like him even more.Here is an excerpt-

“Yee is the silent judge of right from wrong and lives by a strict code of honor.

He uses sign language to communicate with his fellow warriors.Yee’s steely

silence gives him the appearance of being unfeeling,but underneath his indomitable

will is a heart of gold”

1996 Warriors of Virtue -Yee

Each Warrior of Virtue has his own strength and virtue.Yee harnesses the virtue of righteousness and the strength of metal.In the movie,Yee’s weapon of choice is a metal ring and while it’s not the most menacing or dangerous looking accessory,it’s sculpted nicely.With 7 points of articulation and durable design,this figure should fit in nicely with the rest of my collection.