2010 Playmates Lucha Libre USA Masked Warriors-Tinieblas Jr. 5/7-5/12

With all the cool Marvel and Thundercat  6″  figures out there,who would have thought that a Lucha Libre USA Wrestling 6″(or 8″ ..not sure)  figure would be the first to make it’s way into my collection!Let’s get this out of the way now,i am in no way a huge Wrestling fan,let alone Mexican Wrestling, but there is something about the masks and colorful outfits these guys wear that totally grab my attention.I think it was Jeremy and Malcolm over at  http://unpunched.blogspot.com who posted about the good ol’ days of Wrestling that may have sparked my interest in picking up a figure or two,only i didn’t want to pick up any WWE stuff.I wanted something different.So the other day while scanning the toy aisles  of a local Dollar General i ran across a cheap knock-off set of  masked Mexican Wrestlers  and if it wasn’t for the fact that i was in somewhat of a rush i would have probably picked those up but I ultimately exited  D.G. empty handed.At least now i knew what i was looking for ,some bad a#$ masked Mexican Wrestler figures!Needing to fill that “masked wrestler ” void i immediately hopped online and found some M.U.S.C.L.E. figures (about 8 of them) and won the auction  for  2 bucks(i’ll post pics this week)!Then low and behold the other day at a local CW i finally found what i was looking for.A super cool,6″ and crazy articulated Lucha Libre USA Masked Warrior/Mexican Wrestler Tinieblas Jr. And who is Tinieblas Jr.  you ask?I have no clue, but i just had to have em’!The color scheme on his outfit/mask was sick  and the card art and design was super eye-catching!I will definitely dig up as much as i can on this guy online as well as the toy line to see if i can add a couple more of these Lucha Libre bruisers to my collection!