G.I. Joe 1984 Storm Shadow – 9/17-9/23

When I decided to start collecting Joes again, this was one of the first figures I picked up.I had a heck of a time finding one for a decent price as these can get to as high as 75 bucks on Ebay depending on the condition.I don’t just mean good or bad condition because there is much more to it than that when it comes to this version of Storm Shadow.There are your loose Stormies with no accessories or file cards,the 100 % complete pearly white Stormy with extremely tight joints,the pearly white Stormy with a partially rubbed Cobra insignia and the infamous yellow-stained from head to toe  Storm Shadow which almost never gets bid on or bought on Ebay.I was lucky enough to find one with a subtle combination of  the four aforementioned examples given.I got the “sorta white,partially rubbed Cobra insignia,with tight joints ,yellow crotch piece and no accessories or file card” Storm Shadow and only paid about twenty bucks for it,which isn’t bad IMO for a classic figure like this.So even though it looks like my 1984 Stormy peed his pants ,it is still a 1984 Stormy nonetheless.

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Iron Man 1/16-1/22

This is one of my favorites of the Secret Wars line because of the vibrant color scheme.I also love the fact that Iron Man here,like select other SW figures,has one of his fists balled up and ready for action.I was able to score this one a while back with minimal paint wear(if any)and most of his accessories(i think i’m missing some additional shield inserts).I love the Secret Wars toy line but i find that not too many other figures blend in with them.I was taking a look at jboypacmans “Most Wanted ” list and i was reminded of Remco’s Mighty Crusaders line and how well they may look next to some of my Secret Wars figures.It might be a longshot (with the Mighty Crusaders head size and all) but these two brands may look pretty cool together and i now have these figures on my radar as well. If i do manage to score some in the near future i’ll make sure to take some side by side comparison pics of the two lines.If anybody knows of another brand of action figure that might blend in well with the SW’s line  i would love some suggestions.(BTW-The Iron Man ball was a gift from my daughter,daddy loves you very much 🙂 )

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Iron Man


1984 Secret Wars Doctor Doom 11/28-12/4

This particular figure stands out to me because of the  memory attached to it.The year was 1986 or ’87,not 100% sure .I remember riding the bus home from school one day and noticing a CVS  pharmacy in a nearby plaza about 5 blocks away from where we lived .I remember getting off the bus and running home excitedly to break the news to my mom.The cool thing about pharmacies was the mutual interest me and my mother had in them.My mom loved stores like CVS  because of their wide variety of everything from Tylenol to Chocolate Cordials, so while she scoured the aisles for Neosporin and paper towels i would be assessing the toy section and searching for that one action figure that would possibly be making the trip back home with me that day if i was lucky.So sure enough after letting mom know that we were running low on paper towels and how she would absolutely have to go to CVS and replenish her depleted BRAWNY supply, off we went….and that’s when i laid eyes on this incredibly cool Secret Wars Dr. Doom action figure.I already owned the Captain America figure from this line and i just had to have that Doctor Doom to go with it.Ultimately my mom caved and bought ol’ doom for me that day and i can still remember reading the card front to back while walking back home. This Dr. Doom isn’t the one i owned as a kid but i was still able to pick it up in pretty much mint condition with all of his paint,accessories and very minimal wear if any and while he’s not on my “Top 5 Action Figures Owned” list he definitely cracks my top 10 list!

1984 Marvel Secret Wars Dr. Doom


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1984 G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. Duke 11/21-11/27

This Duke figure is on my “top 5  Action Figures Owned” list.I always wanted this one as a kid and ultimately had to settle for his Tiger Force version.I never really liked that version of him  because of the darker hair color.Fortunately and thanks to E bay i was able to pick this guy up a while back for a pretty decent price.He came with pretty much all of his accessories accept for his file card.

1984 Duke


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