1995 Marvel ToyBiz – Sunfire

As much as I love these 90’s ToyBiz figures,I feel like they’ve taken over the blog as of late and I really can’t wait to do some Joe posts.I’ll still have them on my radar but I’m pretty confident that this will be the last ToyBiz related post that I’ll be doing in a long time.Buzzchuck really did me a favor in sending me this awesome figure seeing  as how I had been wanting to pick it up for a while now.Sunfire was a character that I got familiar with back in the early ’90s  as he made several appearances in various issues of X-Men comic books  I owned as a kid.The cool thing about it is that this is is exactly how he looked.While alot of these ToyBiz figures are based off of the X-Men animated series,I can’t say that I remember  seeing Sunfire in any of the episodes.I love the figure,though,and gotta give crazy thanks to Buzz for passing him on to me 😉

1995 ToyBiz Fantastic 4 – Gorgon 11/19-11/25

Before I get into the rest of the ultimately cool stuff  Buzzchuck sent to  me a couple of days ago ,i’d like to go over a recent acquisition that i’m pretty excited about.The other day, I think it was Colin over at Super Duper Toy Box,featured the Inhumans on one of his comic book posts and it reminded me of how much I liked that particular team of characters. I quickly jumped online to see if I could score an action figure of Black Bolt,my favorite of the bunch,but to no avail.I was,however, lucky enough to find this Gorgon figure carded for less than 5 bucks and free shipping!I’m serious guy’s,these ToyBiz figures are everywhere and cheap if you dig deep enough.I remember watching an episode of the 90’s F4 cartoon and watching Gorgon go up against Thing and instantly loving the character. He’s a bruiser and I love bruisers!This figure is awesome and looks sick when posed next to other figures holding his weapons.He comes with the typical ToyBiz gimmick which allows Gorgon to stomp his right foot by flicking a switch on his back.Right now I have Medusa ,Black Bolt and Triton in my sights  and would love to have a Lockjaw figure as well although I don’t think one exists : (  Enjoy the pics!

1995 Toy Biz X-Men Phoenix Saga – Corsair

I first found out about Corsair in an old X-Men Classic issue where the Starjammers join forces with the X-Men.Finding out that he was Cyclops’  father was also pretty cool  and made his character more appealing.It doesn’t get any better than a swashbuckling space Pirate now does it ;)In ’95 Toy Biz released this super cool Corsair figure!This is one of those figures that make me say “Man,why didn’t they have this out when i was a kid!”I’m not big on obscure characters but some deserve a little more attention than others,and Corsair is one of those more popular obscure characters.This Toy Biz rendition of  him is pretty accurate and typical of  a 90’s action figure.He came with his sword and trusty space pistol which you so often saw him holding in those old X-Men issues.He also comes with an additional accessory that hooks on to a zip-line of sorts and works pretty well.Toy Biz got a lot right with these later released figures and the sculpts of there late 90’s stuff is evident of that.This is pretty much going to wrap up my Toy Biz segment but by no means will I stop at just these figures.There is a seemingly endless variety of  characters to choose from within this colorful collection of  90’s Toy Biz figures  and there are still a few that remain on my radar so stay tuned!