Recent Acquisition #2-1997 ToyBiz Hercules(T.V. Series)-Mesomorph

It took me a while to figure out what line of figures this guy was from but thanks to  i was able to track down its origins.It seems like Toy Biz made an action figure line for pretty much all that existed  for much of the 90’s.I’m pretty sure if i searched hard enough ,i’ll find a 90’s Toy Biz action figure of me.This is another cool figure included in the trade package sent over to me by Mr.Vorhees,and it is none other than Mesomorph from the live action TV series Hercules.Remember Mesomorph?No?Yeah me neither,but he is one sick looking little figure and fits in nicely with my other Toy Biz figures on display.He has a cool little action feature that make his arms flail up and down .While i am not a huge fan of the show,the figures look pretty cool and may be worthy of a second look  if your into Greek Mythology.In other words,you don’t have to be a fan of the series to enjoy these Toy Biz creations 😉







90’s Action Figures! 1997 Playmates Don Diego Zorro w/Slashing Sword

Continuing on with the 90’s theme,today we have everybody’s favorite masked (or in this case not so masked) swordsman Don Diego A.K.A.  Zorro! Here is a figure i knew nothing about until one day while looking at some of the older vintage Zorro figures on line, these 1990’s version of Zorro’s made by Playmates  popped up .I thought what better way to start my 1990’s collection of action figures than with Zorro!Granted there were other versions of him from this line but something about this one really stood out to me.I think the battle scars and wrapped arms is what did it for me, and needless to say he now adorns my(very small) 1990’s section of action figures.As much as i like this figure there are some things about it that kind of bug me.For starters- the fact that the arm which holds the sword is permanently straight and outward.It would have been cool if  he would have been able to hold it out in front of him. The arm does twist around but that’s about it.The other thing is that this is Zorro and i think that his trademark black mask should have at least been painted on.Other than those two beefs everything else about this figure IMO is pretty cool.The “slashing sword” feature is pretty cool and can be activated by turning the wheel on Zorros back.I really like this line and might have to go looking for other versions of him.Enjoy the pics!

1997 Playmates Don Diego Zorro w/slashing sword