G.I. Joe 2005 – (V13) Firefly 12/3-12/9

Another great figure to come over from Buzz from Action Figure Adventures is this amazing 13th version of Firefly!You really can’t improve on the original 1984 design so going with just  the different paint scheme  was a safe way of  keeping this figure as true to the older version as possible, and it works in alot of ways!This Firefly is part of the “Crimson Guard Force” set,hence the red camouflage.Thanks Buzz(Kev)!



G.I. Joe Valor vs. Venom – Slice

Here is another great looking figure from the  Spy Troops/ Valor vs. Venom Joe era,Cobra Ninja Slice!Slice’s bio is a little odd to say the least,stating that prior to joining Cobra he was a professional wrestler with a martial arts background and may have also had ties to secret police forces?He’s not the sliest or swiftest of ninjas but has learned a thing or two from Storm Shadow.In the Valor vs. Venom movie Slice and Slash are depicted as clumsy henchmen and the two of them kind remind me of Bebop and Rocksteady.This version of Slice came in a two pack with Slash but I picked mine up loose with most  of his accessories. I’ll definitely be on the look out for his partner Slash and more of these great Spy Troops/VvV figures.Enjoy the pics!