NECA 25th ann. Predator – Jungle Hunter Predator


RSCN8454Another great figure in NECA’s Predator line,Jungle Hunter Predator  apparently has more articulation than previous versions. I won’t be able to compare the two because i’ve never owned the  initial version.Hopefully the pics  will be helpful to those who had the first version, in determining how much more articulated this version of  Predator is.The one gripe i have with this figure is the shoulder cannon.When attached it hinders the Predators head movement.Not a big deal because it is removable.Enjoy the pics!














NECA 25th Ann. Predator – Jungle Patrol Dutch

Avid readers of my blog know that i am not a collector of 6 inch + figures.In fact i am a 3 3/4  freak!Their aren’t many plus size figures that grab my attention these days,and if they do,they generally have poor articulation.So there i was scanning the aisles of  TRU for something to spend my birthday cash on.Normally i would get a gift or two from the fam but this year i was hit off with a couple of bucks,giving me  the green light to pick out whatever i wanted!Initially i was looking for the two-pack  3 3/4  Street Fighter figures but apparently i came late to that party because they were pretty much gone from the shelves, with the exception of a few stragglers/ characters i really wasn’t interested in  on sale for 4 bucks.Then i came across  this amazing Dutch figure,although when i first spotted it i thought it was  John Matrix/Commando.Either way i wasn’t going home without it.I mentioned earlier how i didn’t like the fact that most of these bigger ,highly detailed figures usually lack in the articulation department.Such was not the case with  Dutch as he sports 20 points of articulation.There isn’t  much to say about these figures that  images don’t already convey.This is Arnold Schwartzenegger to a t!Even if you’re not a fan of NECA’s 6 inch figures,i highly recommend this figure,if only for the sake of nostalgia.This figure reminds me of the 80’s Galoob Commando figure- only a gazillion x’s better.Also worth noting is the 16 dollar price tag.That’s about six dollars more than most 3 3/4 figures these days and well worth it when you take into account  the quality and nostalgiac vibe of  this NECA gem.











G.I. Joe 25th Ann. – Serpentor (DVD pack)

While not 100% cartoon accurate, the 25th ann. DVD pack Serpentor  does a decent job of  coming fairly close to the 80’s animated  version.The figure could have benefited from a few green paint apps here and there,but the overall sculpt is solid.I also love the fact that his head piece is removable,but hate the fact that he is bald.Some have said in the past that this was Serpentor soon after being created,and that his hair hadn’t grown in yet.Not sure how true that is.










G.I. Joe 25th Ann. Roadblock 2/06-2/12

These next couple of days will see more than it’s fair share of Joes as i  have relapsed and ultimately found myself relentlessly hunting down any and everything G.I. Joe related. On Saturday i totally came up short in my quest to find  Stormie’s Renegade figure and while i did see other Renegade figures on the pegs none struck my fancy.A bunch of Firefly’s, Dukes and way too many Cobra Commander’s to mention.Not a 30th Ann. or left over POC in sight and it seems as though every last ROC figure has finally disappeared from clearance shelves.Hence the Plasma Dragons impulse purchase.I did see,however, on a lower shelve at Toys R Us a couple of ROC  Rip Attack Jet Storm Cycles with Snake Eyes and a Cobra Rip Attack vehicle as well going for 4 bucks a piece and i may swing by there later on today to pick those up( if someone hasn’t already).Dealing with the Joe shortage in my area has led me to check eBay for loose Joes to fill my collection and today we have none other than G.I. Joe 25th Ann. Roadblock.I picked this guy up loose for about 4 bucks  and free shipping so even though he came without a file card and one accessory(knife) i still got a good deal on him.I actually had some extra accessories laying around and decided to gear R.B. up for these pics.

G.I. Joe 25th Ann. Roadblock

G.I. Joe 25th Ann. Hawk & Scarlett

I’ve really been wanting  an 80’s style Scarlett and Hawk figure and this comic pack allowed me to kill two birds with one stone.I really love the face sculpts on these figures and their uniforms are exact representations of the 80’s vintage line with a little more detail.I wasn’t too thrilled with Scarlett’s weapon as it did not fit snugly in her hands and kept falling out every time i changed her pose,all in all a great figure though. The cool thing about this set is the inclusion of the comic book which is a reprint of the original 80’s comic book  issue #1.This is where it all started ladies and gentlemen(as far as the 80’s A.R.A.H. line goes) and those who missed the boat the first time around have a chance to brush up on their Joe origins with this cool reprint!A less than mint copy of an original G.I. Joe #1 will run you anywhere from 10 to 15 bucks and for that price you could have a neat reprint w/alt. cover art and two figures of  characters who play  major roles  in the  Joe universe.The set also comes with file cards for both figures and i must say that after buying so many 80’s Joes on-line with warped and wrinkled file cards it was nice to get two crisp and clean-cut ones for a change.I have set for myself somewhat of a side-goal if you will to complete the original Joe team by mixing and matching some of my ROC figs with the 25th Ann. line.I  now have Hawk and Scarlett along with my ROC Flash and Snake Eyes figure and will need Stalker,Zap Melendez,Breaker and Rock & Roll to complete the original team.Wish me luck!