1989 C.O.P.S. -Bullit

The C.O.P.S. and CROOKS figure line released right around the time I stopped collecting Joe’s , ’88-’89 give or take. I did take a liking to the cartoon and always loved the way the figures looked but never bought any for myself as a kid.Instead,i remember buying  Buttons Mc Boom Boom for my kid nephew and really diggin’ it.Lately I’ve been wanting to add a couple of these bad a#$ figures to my collection and thanks to Buzzchuck over at Action Figure Adventures ,i now have two to add to the toy shelf!I must admit,though,i didn’t recognize either of them but knew right away that they were from the C.O.P.S. and CROOKS line.This one here is “Bullit” and i can’t remember ever seeing him in any of the episodes i watched as a kid,but is a cool figure nonetheless!These guys look like overgrown G.I. Joe figures with their o-ring style waists,arm and leg joints.Hasbro clearly took the “if it ain’t broke” approach.I love the sculpt on this one and would love to hunt down some of his accessories,mainly his bullet shaped helmet and rolling land cannon.I would love to find a Big Boss or Bulletproof figure from this line as well . I can’t  thank Buzz enough for sending this guy over to me as it currently occupies a whole in my collection that i’ve been wanting to   fill for a  looong time!

BTW-Here is a link to a pretty cool C.O.P.S. figure archive if you ever have to identify a figure or just for future reference 😉





Transformers Generations – Wheeljack

A while back I had spotted some TF Prime figures at a nearby TARGET and the one that stood out to me the most was Wheeljack.That green and white color scheme immediately caught my eye because It reminded me so much of  the original 80’s cartoon Wheeljack!I brought it home and even did a post about it only to be disappointed by the absence of his Autobot faction symbol.Now I know I’m “beating a dead horse” here and most everyone who collects TF prime figures have already come to terms with this  but not this collector.I still don’t know the reasoning behind all this and maybe someone can clarify this for me but if I’m buying  a TF figure it darn well better have an Autobot or  Decepticon faction symbol on it somewhere . Long story short,I returned the TF Prime Wheeljack  only to have my socks knocked off  a couple days later when I accidentally bumbed into this awesome TF Generations Wheeljack on clearance at my local Marshalls department store!I wasn’t even there for TF’s and they just so happened to have a  s^%$ load of em’!Most of them were the not so popular DOTM movie figures and the rest were Generations.I should have snagged up more but ended up walking away with an Optimus Prime DOTM Voyager Class and this totally sick  Generations Wheeljack figure!I just love this guy and from what I hear(shout out to Jason Vorhees)the rest of the Generations line is pretty sick as well.I am also a fan of the DOTM  Mechtech movie TF’s  so I will be on the look out for both of these lines as I’ve gotten bit by the TF’s bug recently.Enjoy the pics!

80’S FLIX-The Boy Who Could Fly

The Boy Who Could Fly was one of those films that nearly got me killed as a kid.I so wanted to walk out onto the edge of my roof and take off like actor Jay Underwood does in the movie,but fortunately my love for toys and more importantly LIFE! quickly got in the way of my irrational thinking and desires. Karate Kid was another film that nearly put me in the hospital after i started believing that i could kick everybody’s a$% with the Crane kick…but that’s a whole ‘nother story.The point I’m trying to make is that as kids we tended to be so impressionable.It was movies like this that made us believe that anything was possible,somehow desensitizing us to the fact that these kinds of things never happen in real life and that the good guys don’t always come out on top.I won’t go into the movie specifics because I”m no movie reviewer, but if you have seen this film in the past as a kid and you’re looking for a quick nostalgia fix then go ahead and check this out on Netflix.The music that plays during the opening scenes proves to be a melodic time machine that will instantly take you back to your childhood.Iconic 80’s child actor   Fred Savage plays the role of 8 year old  louis Michealson and is frequently shown throughout the movie playing with his G.I. Joe figures and army accessories.His scenes are priceless and in many ways reminded me of myself at that age.I’ve been super busy this week so while i haven’t been able to take any action figure pics i was able to find some time to sit back and catch some old school cartoons and movies on Netflix.My next post will be on Monday so look out for that although I’m not quite sure of what i will be posting about.Hopefully I’ll get lucky this weekend and run into some Dollar General Joes 😉 Stay tuned!

M.U.S.C.L.E. by MATTEL 5/14-5/19

If you were a kid growing up in the 80’s,then chances are more than a few of these made there way into your toy collections.These little guys were highly collectible due to their size and individualized appearances.M.U.S.C.L.E. figures are based on Japanese anime wrestlers and could be bought here in the states in packs of 4 or 10.I believe there were more than 200 pink/gum colored figures in the  set  and while some were different versions of the same character,most had their own unique design.Eventually MATTEL would release packs of multi-colored  M.U.S.C.L.E.  of which i wasn’t much of a fan of .Recently i was able to score some of these bad boys on Ebay for about 2 bucks and change,not too bad considering how much they’re going for these days.

80’S FLIX-The Gate

If ever you feel the need to flash back to all of those great T.V. shows and movies from the 80’s then you need to check out NETFLIX!Aside from the great line up of 80’s shows that include everything from Knight Rider to Family Ties,there are also tons of great cartoons(G.I. Joe,Transformers etc.) and movies from that much beloved and family orientated era that was the  80’s!Just recently i watched The Gate,a film about a couple of kids who accidentally open the gates of  h-e-double hockey sticks and are forced to reckon with it’s evil inhabitants(mainly a hoard of   foot high ankle biting, bean headed demons) .Give NETFLIX a try if only for the nostalgia factor,you won’t be disappointed!


Remember When…… 3/19-3/25

“$4.00 for a comic book?!?You gotta be out of your mind!”Those were the words I so adamantly uttered as i looked at the cover price of  a recently released T.M.N.T comic book at a local supermarket.This wasn’t even a double sized issue or anything,it was just your run of the mill   17-20 page comic book.Shocked as i was i started turning the rotatable rack to see if i could find anything in the dollar range LOL, clearly my  “80’s state of mind” had reared it’s ugly head again,impairing any and all ability to  fathom the monetary value of  a comic book in the year 2,012.My Spidey Sense(or was it my girlfriend) told me to drop the book and walk away slowly.Which kind of sucks because i was really ready to give comic book collecting another try, but that notion my friends quickly fell by the wayside. The same goes for action figures..i’m not mentioning any..ahem “Marvel Universe” …names or anything ,sports cards and when did 60 dollars become the norm for a video game?Holy Stromboli 😮 Now i know the price of these items today are relative to the day and age we live in and 20 years from now comics will probably jump to 8 bucks an issue and the price of 3 3/4 action figures will sky rocket 😦  ,but one can still sit back and reminisce about the good ol’ days when a pocket full of change got you an awesome Marvel mag or a wax pack of  baseball cards(with gum to boot). I remember mowing a lawn or shoveling someones drive way and making enough money to go out and buy 2-3 ridiculously awesome  G.I. Joe or Marvel Secret Wars figures!Those were the days 😉