G.I. Joe POC – Cobra Jungle Viper

The Cobra Jungle Viper is another awesome figure from the POC line.This is one of those figures that I would just love to see the concept art for.He sort of has a “Nemesis Enforcer” vibe to him.Don’t know why but to me he just does.If you’re into troop building,then this is the viper to do it with.One Jungle Viper is intimidating enough,imagine an army!You would think that all the jungle stealth armor would take away from his pose-ability but it really doesn’t.Although I picked this guy up back when they first released him,I read somewhere that he recently popped up at a Wal-Mart on clearance.Not 100% sure of the credibility of the story,but it won’t hurt to keep your eyes peeled!

G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. 1983 Major Bludd 4/09-4/15

Major Bludd is one of my favorite figures design-wise  and a figure that i always wanted as a kid but was never able to obtain.Just one look at this guys mean mug and you just know he’s a Cobra baddie!Funny thing is he has no Cobra insignia anywhere on his uniform.Funnier thing is that I’m just now noticing that LOL!Ya gotta love the bionic arm and the dog tags hanging over his chest plate.Little details like this is what made these figures so popular back in the day.Sadly this was a loose figure in which i acquired on Ebay  w/ no weapons or file card but just the figure alone is pretty bad a#$ in my book and makes a great display piece.

Action Figure Trading Cards!

Well,my version of them anyways.I still love sports cards and have decided to try something new.Basically I’ve taken different brands of past sports cards and added action figure pics to them.I think an action figure line of trading cards would be pretty cool.So here is one that I’ve recently finished.The Indiana Jones card is based on the ’87 Donruss design.Even if an action figure line of cards never hits the market,i think one of these major card company’s should release a set based on the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie coming out this summer.

National Museum of Play Vintage Toy pics

Every so often my girlfriend and i pack up the kids(not literally) and head over to our local Museum of Play,a place where the kids can play games,make arts and crafts and we the parents can enjoy some of the cool displays and artwork.With every visit,i make it a point to check out the vintage toy section where everything from comic books to vintage dolls can be found  beautifully on display.The action figures they have on display look amazing,although some of the Star Wars  figures look  somewhat recent to me,hmmm.Take a look at the pic down below and make the call,i’m far from a  Star Wars expert  LOL!These are only some of the toys that can be found at the museum,there are literally thousands more!I’m kicking myself for not taking any pics of the DC Superpowers diorama display  😦  Enjoy the pics!





G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. 1985 Tomax & Xamot 3/12-3/18

I haven’t done any 80’s Joe posts in a while so i decided to brake out the Crimson Twins Tomax and Xamot.These guys can be found on eBay a lot more these days and for a pretty good price.I picked mine up a while ago so i couldn’t even tell you how much i paid for them because i can’t remember , but they came loose and  without any accessories . I used to love these two in the cartoon and always thought it was funny how anytime Tomax got punched,Xamot would feel it and vice versa.Hilarious!I once dropped my Tomax figure as a kid and ran to see if my Xamot had broken LOL Just kidding!I actually never had these guys growing up but would have had some kick a$% adventures with them if i did.I’m still debating whether or not i should pick up the 25th ann. versions of them so for now these  will have to do.Enjoy the pics!

The Guardians “Spirits of the Wild”-Skal Guardian Polar Bear

The more i take these guys out to take pictures of them,the more i like them.They really do have that 80’s vibe to them and they kind of remind me of the Battle Beasts figures from that era.What makes Skal so cool IMO is the little shield built onto his left forearm.It’s nice to see small toy companies go the extra mile on their figures by adding cool little extras to their toy sculpts,it just makes the character design more original.Stay tuned  everyone,tomorrow we’ll be taking a look at the Guardian Eagle Chak!Until then enjoy the pics!

G.I. Joe ROC Gung-Ho 2/13-2/19

Every now and then i look at these amazing little over articulated  3 3/4  G.I. Joe figures of mine and think to myself  how much fun it would  have been to have these as a kid!I mean with all the different ways you can pose these  figures  now a days and the seemingly endless amount of accessories included with them just makes my imagination go nutsos!I don’t actually play with my toys like i did as a kid  but when figures like this Gung-Ho come along, i come dangerously close to losing all inhibitions lol!As a kid this figure would have been the one that went on solo missions,overcoming absurd obstacles and single handedly  taking out waves of  Cobra troopers in a balls out Joe rescue attempt!The 1980’s version of Gung-Ho is a classic but the figure’s design never did the cartoon version of him any justice.The 25th Ann. Gung-Ho was o.k. but slightly over- exaggerated in the muscles department whereas this ROC version,IMO,knocks it out of the park!

G.I. Joe ROC Gung-Ho