11 new Marvel ToyBiz Figs!- 11.Apocalypse & 10.Kang


As I mentioned recently,just the other day I won an Ebay auction and really made out scoring 11 ToyBiz figures for the low price of 5 bucks w/ Free Shipping !I’ll be posting them in a certain order though.I’ll start with my least favorite and then work my way up to number 1.Out of the 11 ,two I already have,the Apocalypse figure being one of them.Hence the low ranking. He’s still an awesome figure though.Kang,on the other hand,was a mystery to me until I did a little digging.Turns out this particular version of him is from the Avengers -United They Stand series.Not very fond of this look but Kang is due for an update.So there you have it.Figures number 11 and 10 on the list.Stay tuned for 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and 1 😉










1991 Toy Biz X-Men – Apocalypse

I nearly lost it when Toy Biz released their line of  X-men figures back in ’91 and  almost relapsed into collecting toys again.While these figures weren’t outstanding in the sculpt department,they still gave fans of Marvel comic books the chance to own some really cool action figure versions of their favorite characters.After Toy Biz’s initial  Marvel Super Heroes line of 3 3/4 figures, they then released a wave totally committed to the X-Men.It was 1991 and at that time I had been reading a ton of X-Men,X-Force and X-Factor books so the addition of Archangel and Apocalypse to the line really  made the set that much more appealing to me. Many Apocalypse figures have been released since the early 90’s but this version(correct me if  i’m wrong) is his very first!These figures were meant to be played with and each came with there own little gimmick.For instance,Apocalypse’s gimmick was the ability to grow by extending his legs and torso.This is far from the definitive version of Apocalypse to own but still is a fun figure and a nostalgic piece to add to the old toy collection 😉