Transformers DOTM Deluxe Class – Sideswipe

Today we take a look at Sideswipe from the DOTM line of TF figures.Of the DOTM figures I already have,this guy is by far my favorite. Alot of the DOTM TF’s have  proportion issues but Sideswipe clearly doesn’t.Everything about Sideswipe’s sculpt flows.A couple of paint apps here and there and this figure would be a perfect 10. I would have also liked to have an Autobot faction symbol somewhere on the robot or car mode but I can live without it.Everytime I pick up a new DOTM figure I hop on Netflix and load up TF DOTM  to catch scenes that feature them and Sideswipes is pretty bad a#$!He and Bumblebee along with another red sports car (who’s name escapes me) are being chased at all kinds of high speeds by Decepticon Crankcase(black SUV) and his henchmen.Although not as popular with collectors as other TF’s lines are,this is one DOTM figure that may be worth checking out.Enjoy the pics!

Transformers D.O.T.M. – Topspin

A while ago blog buddy Jason Vorhees   sent me a nice little package containing some real cool Transformers figures and since then my interest in them has grown.Now while most people are collecting Prime and Generations , I’m pretty content with the less popular D.O.T.M. movie series line of figures.I do,however,see the gripe most collectors have with them.The lack of paint on some of these deluxe figures is what hurts the line the most IMO and Topspin here is a perfect example.In car mode he shines and the weapons look good on the vehicle.It’s the lack of paint in robot mode that I’m not too thrilled with.There is way too much gray in this figure and it really takes away from the overall design and sculpt.Aside from that he’s an all right figure and will be put on display next to my D.O.T.M. Optimus,Bumblebee and Thundercracker.Enjoy the pics!


Transformers Mechtech-Bumblebee 7/2-7/8

I recently posted about a Transformers Prime Wheeljack figure which I acquired from a local Wal-Mart and how I was a bit disappointed at the fact that he lacked an Autobot faction symbol.It boggles my mind that more people don’t have a problem with this.I mean,would you a buy a Superman figure that didn’t have an “S” on his chest?O.K. so Superman is a single entity while the Transformer insignias represent a whole group but still,the Autobot and Decepticon logos IMO are a seal of authenticity, if you will,  and to me are even more iconic than the characters they represent.I love the Prime sculpts and design but the lack of   Autobot logo was a turn off and ultimately led me to return  Wheeljack  😦  I was, however ,determined to come home with a Transformers figure and came away with this pretty cool(less than popular) Mechtech version of Bumblebee.These can be found at your local Wal-Mart’s and Target department stores for a full 5 dollars less than the Prime figures and while they are a bit dated,the 7 and change price tag really appealed to me and should to you as well. They are in the same scale as the Prime figures and have apparently caught flack in the past because of the oversized and under-detailed gun attachment.This really doesn’t bother me.The gun does seem to be a little on the heavy side causing Bumblebees arm to drop down a bit when posing but other than that this figure is very cool.I could get used to this line of TF’s and for the price  you can’t go wrong.Enjoy the pics!

Transformers Legends Class-Leo Prime 6/18-6/24

In my last post we took a look at Transformers Scout Class Brimstone and today we have Leo Prime.I don’t know much about Leo Prime.Could be Optimus Prime’s long lost uncle for all i know.I have to do my homework on this guy.I’m assuming this is just a different version of Optimus.What i do know is that he’s very cool looking and only the second Transformer to make it’s way into my collection.All thanks to Jason Vorhees.I’m pretty sure there have been bigger scales of this particular character released in the past,this being the mini-version of him.Still and all he is a great looking figure.Enjoy the pics!