MU Movie Edition – Thor v.1 “Happy Fathers Day!”

I’d like to start this post off by wishing every toy collecting dad as well as non-collecting ones,a very Happy Fathers Day!A Happy Fathers Day also goes out to the unsung heroic uncles out there that go out of their way to spoil their nieces and nephews as well as provide that much needed additional support they may need throughout their childhood.I mean,who else is gonna put them up on the action figure scoop ;)Today we have a much needed addition to the collection and one that helps me bolster my movie based  Avengers team.All i need now is Hawkeye and Black Widow.I might have to snag up a more movie appropriate Iron Man as well,but this cool version sent over to me a while back by my buddy Buzz over at Action Figure Adventures,should be  more than a  suitable place holder i think. As far as the Thor figure goes,i like it.Don’t love it,but i like it.I would have liked for him to have a cape… but i won’t complain,even though i just did.The paint on this figure really stands out and the fact that he comes with the standard Mjolnir hammer is a plus.He also has an articulated neck,allowing him to look up and down,which i thought was pretty cool.Not a bad figure overall.I recommend 😉










Avengers Ultimate Character Guide

I’m finally able to post about this awesome guide to  everything Avengers!Flipping through the pages,i realized that i’m so out of the loop it isn’t even funny.While the major players are ever present,characters like Hulkling,Machine Man and a slew of other heroes and villains were all new to me.In retrospect,this book is just what the doctor ordered.I’ve got lots of catching up to do.Sorry about the blurriness of some of the photos.I tried to make them all as legible as possible.








-Click to enlarge-












More B-Day Goodies!

These two super cool items were given to me by my sister as a birthday gift and i’m super thankful to her for it!She’s always looking out for her little bro and i don’t know what i would do without her!Thank you soooo much!The Spidey Venom shirt features a camouflage emblem which is a nice touch.The book features a who’s who of Marvel characters that are or have been affiliated with the Avengers in the past.There are over 200 full color photos and write ups on not just the heroes,but villains as well!


Marvel Avengers – Nick Fury

This was a figure that i’ve wanted to add to the collection for a while now.Much like Hobby over at   ,i’m not very fond of  films that go and change everything that was cool about a character from the comics ,almost reinventing and fixing something about them that was never broken to begin with.Such was the case with Kingpin in the Daredevil film released years back.It happens,and in most cases it doesn’t work…..until you give the role to someone like Samuel Jackson.I love Sam Jackson.Heck Samuel Jackson would have been a better Duke than Channing Tatum IMO.And in the case of Nick Fury,i like the old school look  as well as the Samuel Jackson version of him.I’m not sure when the Nick Fury metamorphosis took place,but in the end i like what they’ve done with him.I love the figure,too,although i wish they would have placed those pesky serial numbers somewhere less visible than on the insides of his boots.Other than that,he’s pretty solid.






First Iron Man now Nick Fury?Duke’s definitely up to something 😉


Avengers Gamma Smash Hulk!

Before i get started,I’d like to make it clear that in no way shape or form will this be a biased review.This figure had been on my radar long  before my girls got it for me on my birthday.For a while now I’ve been wanting a Hulk action figure but none of the 3 3/4 versions of him ever got my attention.As popular as the MU green Hulk version was,i never really liked it.I mean the articulation and detail was there but the elongated,almost square-ish head sculpt made him look more like the Capcom style Hulk of the older Marvel Vs. Capcom video game’s,a version that i was never too thrilled with.What i love the most about this Gamma Smash Hulk figure is the head and face sculpt.It really reminds me of the old Mego and Pocket heroes Hulk figures as far as the hair style and facial expression goes.Another cool thing about this toy is that it is just that…….. a toy!You don’t have to worry about anything falling off or coming apart  when posing because it is built to be played with.At first  i had a small problem with the articulated abdomen but after removing the figure from the package i realized that this feature actually allowed for some pretty neat pose-ability.Gamma Smash Hulk is a lot like the character it portrays-charming in a clunky,clumsy kinda way.You wont be wowed by the detail or awarded with a cool figure stand and S.H.I.E.L.D. file card but you can be sure that this figure will more than serve it’s purpose when placed next to any other Marvel 3 3/4 figures you may have in your collection.Due to the mixed and mainly bad reviews this figure has gotten you should be able to snatch him up on clearance,and if you do i guarantee Gamma Smash Hulk will grow on you(that is,if he doesn’t smash you first 😉 ).


My Amazing Family,My B-Day!

This past Saturday was my B-Day and the day couldn’t have been any nicer!Hands down the warmest and sunniest day we’ve had thus far and i have to be especially thankful for that. Most of all,though, I’m thankful for being able to celebrate it with my girlfriend and kids as we took advantage of the tepid morning by hitting up  the local park for some kite flying action and a swinging contest between my daughter and i which ultimately landed me on my back  when i jumped off  the swing at the peak of my ascent(like i used to be able to do as a kid) LOL!I totally thought i was going to nail the perfect landing and then “BAAM!”…right on my backside ! My youngest could not stop laughing :)Later on in the day my two oldest hooked me up with an amazing Avengers gift bag which contained this sick T-shirt and an Avengers Movie Gamma Smash Hulk figure(which contrary to popular belief is an awesome figure and a throwback to the old school retro  Hulk figures) !My sister also got me a $30  movie gift card which my girlfriend and i will be using this weekend to catch The Avengers!