Marvel 3 3/4 Infinite Series-Iron Man

Back when I was heavy into reading comics, late 80’s early 90’s,I only knew of three Iron Man armors. The original red and gold, Silver Centurion and the oversized red and gold 90’s armor. Since getting back into toy collecting the amount of Iron Man armors has grown exponentially, and no one has benefitted more form this than Hasbro. With so many different action figure renditions of shell head, It’s hard to not get sucked into the variety vortex. Currently I own the Marvel Universe classic and 90’s style because of my childhood connection with the two. Buzzchuck also sent me a carded Mark 5 figure a while back, which up to now had been my most updated version of Iron Man. I knew that I would soon need to change with the times for the blogs sake and picture taking purposes. I would hate to display an original styled Iron Man next to a Heroic Age Captain America. I’m maniacal that way. It just wouldn’t look right. So while I am still trying to add some of the older styled figures, especially ones who appeared in the Secret Wars Saga, I will also be looking for updated versions of them. It’s a tall task but my birthday is less than a month away and hopefully someone from the fam will read this and provide me with some much needed action figure aid in my ventures 😀   But enough with the rambling rhetoric and on to the figure! I was curious as to what this figure would look like out of package and very pessimistic. I had seen it before in Heroic Age three packs, but with this new 3 3/4 Marvel Infinite Series release I was able to snag him up individually. The plastic used for this figure is very soft, almost rubbery but the detail is amazing! I’m not crazy about the thigh cuts/articulation but it works. In fact I had a great time posing this figure as the articulation allows for limitless pose-ability. The paint is spot on and the ports/repulsors, and there’s a lot of them, all have nice glowing effect to them.The card itself is pretty damn snazzy for those of you who like to display your figures carded.Enjoy the pics!















GI Joe Plastirama-Sgto. Slaughter(international)

Certain figures from the 80’s G.I. Joe line seem to be impossible to find online for a reasonable price.Snake Eyes,Storm Shadow,Zartan and Sgt. Slaughter come to mind.I’ve been wanting to add a Slaughter figure to my collection for ever it seems but never even bothered to pursue any of them online because of the ridiculous prices.Then I stumbled across this international rendition of everybody’s favorite Joe drill sergeant carded(somewhat)for about 8 bucks shipped!After using the zoom option I realized why they priced it so low as the card and bubble was all kinds of warped and the popular baton accessory was missing.I said what the heck and proceeded to check out.Days later the figure arrived and while I knew the bubble was unattached and the card was extremely bent,nothing could have prepared me for the horror that would ensue.This was Sgt.Slaughter on crack!I know,i know it’s an international Joe with lower quality plastic and less paint apps,but MAN!It seems like this figure skipped right past the deburring   station and right into its packaging.It pained me to see such a legendary toy line get such horrible treatment.I guess I got what I paid for plus he’s not a total loss.The figure is relatively what it is,and  will look cool back in it’s bubble and up on the wall.