Recent Acquisition-1990 Ghostbusters-Winston Zeddmore

I recently acquired a few new figures in a trade with ¬†Jason Vorhees ¬†over at¬†¬† and throughout the week i’ll be posting about them.I’ll start things off with this Winston Zeddmore figure ¬†from the -Slimed Heroes- line of ¬†Kenner’s Ghostbusters figures released in 1990. I’ve been wanting to add some Ghostbusters to my collection,particularly from the first wave of figures released in the mid to ¬†late 80’s,so i was pretty excited about finding this in the package Jason ¬†sent me.While not an 80’s release,it’s still an awesome representation of Zeddmore.I’ll be on the look out for a replacement backpack and i’m assuming ones from the 80’s figures can fit on this figure as well.Now i’ll have to hunt down Venkman,Spengler and Stantz¬†to complete the team.A big shout out to Jason for this and the rest of the figures i’ll be showing over the course of this week.