Cardback Portrait #1-Charbroil

Here’s a cool idea for those of you who like to  keep those hard to stash action figure cardbacks. Pull those suckers out and take pics of the card art,upload them to Flickr  and add some effects!Use them as background wallpaper or print them out and get them signed at Comic Cons and toy shows!They also make great portraits when framed  😉


G.I. Joe ROC : Charbroil

This is an ROC figure that eluded me for quite some time.What i like so much about good ol’ Charbroil here is that i used to own the original  1988 version of him.This ROC version stays pretty true to the original  color-wise and his chest plate and helmet are also reminiscent(although not spot-on) of the 80’s version.I only wish that his helmet was able to come off, but other than that this is a nice looking figure and a welcome addition to my collection.I was going to wait until Wednesday to go live with this post but my good buddy JDubG  from Metal Borgs was pretty psyched about seeing this guy freed from his on-card confines so here he is J.Again..he’s not the flashiest of figures but if you owned the earlier versions of him as a kid this might be a cool figure to have.


CONT. pics

















Here is the original 1988 version..

















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My Toy Dillema….

So things are pretty tight right now and i’m not buying as much , but yesterday i had an extra 10 bucks on me so (with the price of action figures these days) that meant that i would be limited to one figure.That’s right… one figure.Anybody who’s ever been in this position knows how difficult this decision can be with brands like Marvel Universe,G.I. Joe and other cool toy lines to choose from.I instantly narrow it down to two….G.I. Joe and Marvel Universe.Let the rationalization process begin. “I haven’t picked up any 30th ann. Joes yet but Marvel Universe just released a real cool Ice-Man that i would love to add to my collection”.Then a light turns on! Funny how the collector’s mind works sometimes, as i start to think about how i could possibly get more bang for my buck.BINGO!Marshall’s has a ton of G.I. Joe stuff ,granted it’s mostly ROC  but i still collect that line and i could possibly pick up two great looking quality figures for the price of one 30th ann./M.U.Not to mention the quality of the Marvel Universe stuff is lacking as of late with limbs coming off of figures when releasing them from the package and the quality of the plastic doesn’t compare to that of G.I. Joes IMO(more rationalizing LOL).So here it is my fellow toy collectors.Far from a copious toy haul but a lucrative one nonetheless 😉

Charbroil/Cobra Night Adder