The Avengers-Arial Infiltration Mission-Captain America

I just realized that A.I.M. would be the acronym for Arial Infiltration Mission.Anywhootin’anny…i’ve been wanting to add a classic Cap to the old collection for a while now but they were always too expensive online and they barely showed up on the pegs round these parts.Marshalls use to have the Captain America movie comic versions with the jet-pack thingamajigger on clearance for as low as 5 bucks, but i always passed on that one.Son of a popper!So the other day i decided to check  the clearance aisle at Marshalls..again…and came across this guy right here.Avengers blah blah blah blah Mission Captain America!And he had the red boots!-CHECK.And he had the red gloves!-CHECK.And even though the rest of the figure was based on the movie version,   he had the three classic red stripes going across his lower abdomen  just like the original Cap!(or so i thought)-CHECK.And it was only 4 bucks!-CHECK.So i bought that muthapiece!Brought it home,opened it up and took off the  parachute web gear to get a better look at those awesome red stripes that obviously paid homage to  the classic….AAAAAARGH!WTF!Little dark blue stripes in between the red ones!AAWW crap i’d been played   😦  It turns out the dark blue stripes are really part of his suspenders,but man why not just paint those suckers white to keep ish real!It looked rather odd to say the least,but the rest of the figure sort of grew on me after posing and messing around with it a bit.I like the lighter shade of blue compared to the darker shade that was used for the first movie version release.The red gloves and boots are also a nice touch and the parachute web gear + parachute helped raise the morale.For 4 bucks i can’t complain.I even thought about getting some white out to paint over the suspender straps,but i hate messing around with the integrity of an action figure.Oh well.Hopefully the Cap i have on the way will better the situation.



RSCN9532                  OUCH!Isn’t that the French flag’s color scheme?









The Amazing Spider-Man – Sewer Clash w/Spider-Man and Lizard (CLEARANCE!)

I found this great little set at Marshalls on clearance for 7 bucks!These days articulated figures are harder and harder to come by so i didn’t think twice about snagging up three(special figure included) for the price of one.Stay tuned for loose pics!



Bubbashelby over at    posted about a  Redekai figure that he found at a local Big Lots.A little while after jboy over at   posted about his Big Lots findings when he too discovered some inexpensive yet very cool looking Redekai figures. I commented and noted that i had passed by these figures many a times at my local Wal Mart about a year ago and even placed a couple in my cart only to change my mind at the last minute.Seeing these figures on Bubba’s and jboy’s site made me head over to Big Lots(my local Wal Mart didn’t have them anymore) to see if they still had the one i originally wanted a year ago,but no dice.Long story short,while doing some shopping with the wifey at an out of the way Wal Mart ,there it was.The one Redakai figure i ‘d been coveting for a little over a year,laying in between a scrambled mess of other clearanced toys.Harrier!I loved this guy when i first saw it way back and i wasn’t about to pass it up this time.Not a bad figure for 2 bucks and he blends in nicely with the Thundercats line as well.











G.I. Joe ROC- Cobra Crimson Hydra

I was lucky enough to find this on clearance a couple of years ago for 5 bucks!These vehicles quickly began to see the clearance aisles of most department stores in bunches as I was also able to snag up a Gunship and Ice Dagger for a similar price.Lets take a look at the box art.I keep all of the instructions as well as vehicle boxes just to be able to look at ,or if one day I decide to sell anything off,i’ll have the package it came in.One day i’ll hopefully find a way to display them because as of now there just taking up alot of space.



The Hydra is a nice looking ship and looks even better when the back wings are fully extended and the two side missile compartments are opened up.I was out of the Joe loop for a while and jumped back on after the ROC  film,so when I initially picked this bad boy up I wasn’t aware that the same ship had been released for the Spy Troops line in a more realistic black color. I for one think  the crimson red color is better suited for a Cobra vehicle.


DSCN8962The cockpit is a bit bland but I do like the retractable  landing gear.The underbelly of the ship is it’s strong point as it features an amazingly cool little escape pod that ejects and can hold an additional figure.I would have had a freaking ball with this toy as a kid.



DSCN8964One of my favorite features on the Crimson Hydra is the escape pod!This small craft fits snug under the Hydra and ejects with the pull of a trigger.Once ejected,there are wings on either side of  it that retract.








The figure included with this set is the Cobra Aero Viper.Not the flashiest of figures but sports some pretty cool web gear and a nice helmet with transparent visor.







G.I. Joe ROC-Sky Sweeper w/Air Raid

This I picked up a loooong time ago on clearance at a nearby Wal-Mart.I’ve read this guys(Air Raid) file card a gazillion times and only now am I realizing that this is none other than “Airborne” with a different code name.If you keep up with your Joe intel,like I so very often don’t,then you should know that Franklin Talltree was Airborne’s  real name,hence the connection with Air Raid who sports the same name on his file card.It’s not all the time that I’m able to put 2 and 2 together but I blow myself away the times that I do ;)So…yeah…moving forward.I love the figure from this set and while I’m not crazy about the Sky Sweeper ,It’s still pretty cool.I wish it was a two-seater.Enjoy the pics.






Transformers DOTM Deluxe Class – Barricade 10/1 – 10/7

Continuing on with my quest to hunt down as many DOTM  figures as possible (especially since most are on clearance around these parts) here we have Barricade!Not much to say about car mode other than the fact that it looks amazing!Love the fact that the cop car is actually a bad guy in disguise 😉 I remember first seeing Barricade in the first TF movie and really digging him.It doesn’t get any more intimidating than Barricade in that scene as he gets in the face of  Shia Labeouf  to interrogate him.In DOTM Barricade makes a quick appearance towards the end of the film.Now alot of people have a problem with his robot mode but I don’t.I think the problem lies in how some people transform him.I believe the proper way to transform him involves the legs being separated,making him look like he has no torso.I on the other hand don’t separate the legs and that tends to give him more of an upright and balanced look.The one gripe I have is with his mechtech weapon.While it looks cool when deployed with the claw exposed,It’s not able to lock in place. I think the claw is a big part of Barricades appearance and overall vibe and the fact that it can’t be displayed permanently is a minor turn off.Other than that i’m loving this figure and will soon have to make more room to display these neat little DOTM  Transformers!