Cobra Commander V.5

Excuse me while I channel my inner 8 year old to say that Cobra Commander is one of my all time favorite “bad guy” leaders.I got a soft spot for C.C.,especially when he got played by Destro,Mindbender and Serpentor  in the classic animated film.I used to love when he got hands-on with the Joe’s.You know,actually jumping into a vehicle and taking it to Dukes doorstep with a squad of lackey yet loyal,Cobra troopers behind him.That’s why I like this figure so much.Jboypacman(John) over at The Clawful Punch sent this little gem of a C.C. figure over in a trade we completed a while back,and I’m really diggin’ the firepower that came with it.It took me a minute to figure out where the two missiles went,but realized where they went soon after.Now I gotta find the electronic  back pack that came with it originally .Apparently it   spat out various commands and i’m wondering if it actually sounded like the C.C. from the cartoon series.Enjoy the pics!




“Get your Cobra Commander action figure with bust-a cap action today!”








G.I. Joe ’83-Cobra Commander (v.1.5)

Inspired by jboypac’s  (v.3) Battle Armor C.C.,i’ve decided to do a post about version 1.5.The first version of Cobra Commander was released in ’82 as a mail-away figure,and was of the straight arm variety.This version came out in’83 with the swivel arm feature.While many G.I. Joe figures of that time came with a backpack accessory that fit onto the figures back,the  Cobra Commander figure came with a black laser pistol that could also be  attached to his back.No backpack here,just a laser gun.I guess when you command an army like COBRA,you don’t really need much in the way of fire-arms for protection.







G.I. Joe Retaliation-Red Ninja

All right now correct me if i’m wrong.Wasn’t this figure released in the first wave along with the permanent hand piece thingy Roadbock and Snake Eyes w/ the blue gun last year ? Or was it held back?Not completely sure.Anyways.Glad i was able to add one these guys to my collection as it will be the closest i’ll ever be getting to a Renegades Storm Shadow figure.This is by far the best looking Ninja figure i’ve ever owned,with the exception of  the V.2 Storm Shadow i owned as a kid.The V.1 Stormy i currently own is cool too but doesn’t have anything on these contemporary Ninja figures.The only drawback  on these single carded releases is that they don’t come with any kind of sheath to store the swords.I just slip them in between his sash and gi.

Army builders will have a field day with this one provided they can hunt enough of them down.I’m content with just the one.Enjoy the pics!









G.I. Joe ROC-Gunship w/Firefly (red helmet variant)

With G.I. Joe Retaliation  coming out next month, i thought  it’d be a good idea to revisit the first film,ROC,by posting some movie screenshots along with some of the toys associated with the film.The Cobra Gunship made several appearances in the ROC film,predominantly in the beginning scenes and i believe towards the end as well. Apparently there were two releases,or variations of the gunship.One featuring a Firefly with a black helmet and this red helmet version.There is a  compartment on the top of the ship that holds three explosives. When activated, these small bombs drop from another small door located in the ships underbelly.Another cool feature are the small handles underneath the ship.You’re able to have your figures hang onto them directly or attach one of those cool zip lines that come with most of the Ninja Retaliation figures.I was lucky enough to find this on clearance years ago for about 5 bucks,not sure how much they go for now.But definitely pick one up if you get the chance.While not as iconic,it’s pretty much an updated,more futuristic version of the Cobra Fang imo.Enjoy the pics!













G.I. Joe ROC- Cobra Crimson Hydra

I was lucky enough to find this on clearance a couple of years ago for 5 bucks!These vehicles quickly began to see the clearance aisles of most department stores in bunches as I was also able to snag up a Gunship and Ice Dagger for a similar price.Lets take a look at the box art.I keep all of the instructions as well as vehicle boxes just to be able to look at ,or if one day I decide to sell anything off,i’ll have the package it came in.One day i’ll hopefully find a way to display them because as of now there just taking up alot of space.



The Hydra is a nice looking ship and looks even better when the back wings are fully extended and the two side missile compartments are opened up.I was out of the Joe loop for a while and jumped back on after the ROC  film,so when I initially picked this bad boy up I wasn’t aware that the same ship had been released for the Spy Troops line in a more realistic black color. I for one think  the crimson red color is better suited for a Cobra vehicle.


DSCN8962The cockpit is a bit bland but I do like the retractable  landing gear.The underbelly of the ship is it’s strong point as it features an amazingly cool little escape pod that ejects and can hold an additional figure.I would have had a freaking ball with this toy as a kid.



DSCN8964One of my favorite features on the Crimson Hydra is the escape pod!This small craft fits snug under the Hydra and ejects with the pull of a trigger.Once ejected,there are wings on either side of  it that retract.








The figure included with this set is the Cobra Aero Viper.Not the flashiest of figures but sports some pretty cool web gear and a nice helmet with transparent visor.