1985 RAMBO “The Force Of Freedom”-Black Dragon 4/30-5/6

Another awesome figure from the  RAMBO line  is  Black Dragon.Black Dragon is the villainous Ninja for hire contracted by  S.A.V.A.G.E.’s  leader  General Warhawk to try to bring down Rambo and “The Force Of  Freedom”!Check him out in action in what i think is one of  the best  Rambo cartoon episodes, by clicking on this link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5y7dTM6jLU

1985 RAMBO “The Force of Freedom”-Colonel Trautman

G.I. Joe more than served it’s purpose when it came to  getting my daily “military action figure” fix as a kid,but  no military figure begged to be played with outdoors and around the house more than my Rambo Force of Freedom 6″ action figure.I mean i loved my Joes and spent most of my time in my room creating different scenarios and missions with them,but when it came to playing on my stairs,down in the living room or around the yard,Rambo was my go-to fig.As a kid i was a bit over protective of my Joes and knowing how frail they could be and prone to cracking,i would never take them outdoors or out of my room for that matter.Which is why i loved my Rambo figure so much.There was a certain portability and ruggedness  about him that made me a little less reluctant about propping him on top of  a banister or hanging him off of a protruding tree branch.I remember getting multiple offers from  kids  wanting to trade their Commando Schwarzenegger  for my Rambo figure,only to be disappointed  after i would reject them lol!Sadly Rambo was the only figure that i owned from that particular line so most of the time he’d be in pursuit of  Python,a 6″ figure and villain of the A-Team  produced by GALOOB  a little before the RAMBO toys came out.Man would i have killed,figuratively of course,for this Colonel Trautman figure as kid.Years later i can finally place him on my toy shelf next to my current and newly arriving  Rambo figures. I picked Trautman up last week and not only did they include most of his accessories,but he also came with Rambo’s famed survival knife!.The extra pistol in his hand and holster are from the weapons pack i recently posted about and i can’t stress enough how pleased i am with them.I’m on a serious Rambo high right now so stay tuned for new and upcoming posts  about this totally kick a#$ line of action figures!Enjoy the pics 😉

1985 RAMBO Weapons Pack!

A while back i picked up an ’85  Coleco RAMBO  figure  loose without any accessories.Since then i have been wanting to find his holster w/knife and rocket launcher but haven’t had any luck in doing so.Ultimately i ended up picking up this weapons pack on Ebay for the very low price of 6 bucks with free shipping and I’m super stoked about it!The package arrived today and i must say it’s a bit bigger than i anticipated.The card is in such good shape that I’m having second thoughts about opening it…….awe who am i kidding,this bad boy will probably be opened the minute i finish publishing this post LOL!I also love the fact that other figures from the line are pictured on the back of the card,this always helps when trying to complete a set. So while i wasn’t able to score RAMBO’s original weapons i think these will look  great in the hands of everybody’s  favorite  bad  a$%  military survivalist !I’ll also be posting pics of another figure that i picked up off Ebay from the RAMBO  line later on this week!

1985 Sectaurs Warriors of Symbion Skito 12/5-12/11

I remember one year on my birthday my parents taking me to Toys R Us to pick something out.As always Toys R Us had an amazing toy assortment and although i was a big fan of  G.I. Joe  i could always find those figures anywhere from the local drugstore to our neighborhood supermarket.Getting the chance to walk down the seemingly overstocked toy aisles at Toys R Us  was almost a once in a lifetime thing for me back then and i knew that if i didn’t pick out something exclusive to the store that my chances of going back for it later was going to be ever so slim.So there i was carefully studying each figure and playset meticulously almost like an employee  taking inventory,when suddenly…BAM!THERE IT WAS!A Sectaurs Warriors of Symbion Waspax figure with his pet insect Wingid!I totally fell in love with this figure and the toy line.I think i also picked out one of those “V” figures that day,the lizard faced alien with removeable human mask.Since then i’ve always wanted to pick some of these up on Ebay and so far i’ve only got this incomplete Skito figure.I hated the fact that he didn’t come with any accessories but the color scheme on these figures are so impressive that even without their respective holsters they are great for displaying.These toys were made by Coleco,a very underrated(IMO) toy company  that also produced the Rambo line of figures that debuted shortly after the Sectaurs were discontinued.As you can see both figures are similar in height and articulation and can easily be displayed together ,side by side without any clashing.

1985 Sectaurs Skito

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