MEGA BLOKS Plasma Dragons: Faegron 4/23-4/29

A while ago i picked up a Plasma Dragons booster pack of  Orcs and Knights on clearance for about three bucks at a local Marshalls.While i wasn’t blown away by the overall sculpt of each figure,i feel MEGA BLOKS did a decent job of at least giving some of the figures their very own look and design.Another thing that’s pretty  cool about these figures is that they each have  names which can be found on the back of the instructions sheet that comes with the booster pack,which IMO gives them a bit more of an identity and adds to the over all collect-ability of them.This whole week will be dedicated to the inch-high Knights and Orcs of the Plasma Dragon universe and today we’ll start things off with Faegron!Enjoy the pics.


1982 Masters Of The Universe He-Man

Well if you didn’t know by now i am an 80’s toy fanatic!In fact when i decided to collect again my sole objective was to only acquire vintage 80’s action figures.Well,that plan sort of back fired when HASBRO released the G.I. Joe ROC/ POC  line,Captain America and the collectability of  the Marvel Universe  stuff is insane!Luckily every now and then i am  able to visit my local hobby shop where all kinds of retro-coolness can be had for a pretty decent price and the bargain bins overflow with goodies!I don’t know about you but i like to head straight for the bargain bins in hopes to find those  hard to find toys that are so overpriced these days on sites like Ebay ,Amazon and other hobby shops who do business online.The great thing about these shops is that you get to see,touch and inspect what your buying and there are no high shipping prices.There’s nothing like getting what you want and taking it home the same day.Take for instance this 1982 M.O.T.U. He-Man figure.I couldn’t believe that i was able to pick this little gem up for $2.50.There was a bin with about 5 or 6 1980’s M.O.T.U. figures all priced at $2.50.Some were in pretty rough shape and my He Man figure has a small nick on his left foot but not too bad.I liked He-Man as a kid but always seemed to gravitate more towards the GI Joe stuff.Nonetheless they were and still are a very cool toy, display piece and 80’s action figure!

1982 M.O.T.U. He-Man


In my quest to pick up where i left off in the ever expanding comic book universe,i’ve taken the advice of  friends who have suggested that i visit the public library.While not the best place to find newly released comics,there are quite a few  older Marvel and DC  TPB’s as well as other great comic book  related  material.Having access to some of these older issues should aid me in my efforts to slowly creep back into comic book relevance. Take The Avengers for instance.The last time i picked up an Avengers comic was in the late 80’s early 90’s.At that time there were two teams-The West Coast & The East Coast-Avengers.Wonder Man and Hawkeye were my favorite on the West Coast and Captain America my favorite on the East.Since then there has been a who’s who of characters who have( at one point or another) been a part of the Avengers.During my most recent trip to my local library i managed to pick up this amazing book entitled Avengers “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE”.This book has every and anything you’ll ever want to know about the Avengers and then some.Granted the character profiles are brief but there are so many that you’ll want to keep reading just to get to the next one.Avengers: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE  will school you on everything Avengers from the ’60’s-2,000’s and i highly recommend this to anyone looking to get their super hero knowledge on!