Heavy Artillery-Captain America (classic)

I don’t know what it is but lately i’ve been on a Captain America binge,snagging up whatever figures of him i can find.I’ve been wanting to start exclusively collecting Cap’ so why not start now.I’ve been heard clamouring on about not having  and desperately wanting a classic uniformed Captain America figure in previous posts, and while this version doesn’t WOW me,it certainly fills the void.If i were to change one thing about this figure,it would be the shade of blue used on the overall sculpt.I would have preferred a lighter shade,but it’s all good.This is a solid figure for the most part and a most welcomed addition to my small yet growing Captain America collection!















1995 Marvel ToyBiz – Sunfire

As much as I love these 90’s ToyBiz figures,I feel like they’ve taken over the blog as of late and I really can’t wait to do some Joe posts.I’ll still have them on my radar but I’m pretty confident that this will be the last ToyBiz related post that I’ll be doing in a long time.Buzzchuck really did me a favor in sending me this awesome figure seeing  as how I had been wanting to pick it up for a while now.Sunfire was a character that I got familiar with back in the early ’90s  as he made several appearances in various issues of X-Men comic books  I owned as a kid.The cool thing about it is that this is is exactly how he looked.While alot of these ToyBiz figures are based off of the X-Men animated series,I can’t say that I remember  seeing Sunfire in any of the episodes.I love the figure,though,and gotta give crazy thanks to Buzz for passing him on to me 😉

G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. 1989-Snake Eyes V.3 5/21-5/26

Here’s a Snake Eyes I picked up a while ago on Ebay,loose  with no file card or accessories.I was always hesitant about picking up this version of  Snake Eyes because it really didn’t have any ties to my child hood.By the time this Snake Eyes released,i was slowly making the transition from action figures  into comic books,baseball cards and video games so G.I. Joe toys weren’t on my radar as much.With that being said i really like this version of Snake Eyes!He almost has a Spider-Man feel or vibe to him,not sure what it is.This version also came with a ton of cool accessories like a blow gun,nun-chuks and a pistol with a silencer.Looking at my collection the other day i realized that i have 5 different Snake Eyes figures and have ultimately decided to start collecting him exclusively.I think there are about 60 versions of him so i’ll have to be in it for the long haul LOL!Wish me luck  😉

Something Missing……?

Looking at my collection the other day ,i realized that something was missing.Star Wars action figures.Star Wars played a big part in the lives of just about every kid who grew up in the late 70’s and early 80’s.I fall into the early 80’s category,and while i never owned more than maybe 2 or 3 Star Wars figures at any one point and time during my childhood,i saw and came into contact with plenty of them while visiting older cousins and also in toy aisles everywhere.Truth be told,i never really got into them.Even today i find it hard to get into the vintage line of figures due to the lack of articulation and stiff-like appearance.I think certain lines of figures got away with having limited articulation because of the pre-posed battle stance sculpts ala Marvel Secret Wars and M.O.T.U. figures.I’ve always felt like an iconic film like Star Wars deserved a better looking line of action figures and i guess that’s probably why i don’t  have any of them adorning my toy shelves.That will change this week when/if my very first Star Wars figure(hopefully) arrives in the mail.I snagged it pretty cheap on Ebay and i’m pretty psyched about it.It took me a while but it looks like i’ve finally found a line of Star Wars figures other than the 70’s line  to compulsively hunt down for the next month or so.It should arrive sometime this week so stay tuned!