Marvel Universe- Daredevil (Dark Red Variant)

Finally! I’ve needed a Daredevil in the collection for quite some time and this one did not disappoint. Daredevil is to the Marvel Universe what Low Light is to the Joe Universe as far as popularity, IMO. Such a simple, yet powerful costume design, with the iconic double D’s on the chest area(was there a better place to put it?) and the trademark horns on the head sculpt. I loved these particular waves of MU figures, with the little TOP SECRET files and character ID cards. I love any kind of written description or BIO cards included with my action figures. It is a lost gimmick as far as I’m concerned. Even the new Joe figures roll file card-less these days. I can’t front, though, I would have preferred the lighter shade of red but this figure blends both colors nicely and has great shadowing. Who doesn’t love Daredevil? Unless your name is “who” then you love DD just as much as I do ūüėČ









RSCN7810 RSCN7814


Marvel Toy Biz ! 10/15-10/21

While HASBRO keeps hitting home-run after home-run with their Marvel Universe figures,there’s no denying that Toy Biz had the 90’s on lock ¬†when it came to Marvel action figure production.Toy Biz gave us what MATTEL’S Secret Wars line didn’t,character selection and variations!I mean if ¬†MATTEL really wanted to they could have released a load of other characters who appeared in the SW series like The Thing,Colossus or even Nightcrawler but never did.Toy Biz gave us all of these characters and then some!When Toy Biz hit the scenes in 1990 they really made it hard on then ¬†ex-action figure collectors ¬†like myself with the release of ¬†figures like Punisher,Iron Man(with removeable armor ūüėČ ),Daredevil,Captain America and a host of other MARVEL characters who had never seen the ¬†3 ¬†3/4″ – ¬†5 ” ¬†light of day.I nearly got back into collecting again when this line released but ultimately fought the urge.I would, however, buy a couple here and there for my younger nephew and would find myself playing with them more than he did.After the MARVEL Super Heroes release, Toy Biz then broke out with an X-Men line of figures that featured everybody from Wolverine to Apocalypse!Needless to say I was ecstatic and even though I had stopped collecting at the time it was still nice to see them hanging on the pegs at my local Toys R Us and other department stores as well.Toy Biz would take the ball and run with it from there releasing figures of characters ¬†from nearly every corner of the MARVEL universe.These days i’ve been on the look out more and more for these ¬†simple yet neat little ¬†figures from the 90’s and this week i’ll be posting about a couple of Toy Biz items ¬†that have made their way into ¬†my collection!